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11 Apr 2023

Latest events and updates about Account Aggregator ecosystem


What’s New

It has been an exciting financial year end! With 5 million accounts linked, around 6 million successful consents and more than 300 participants in the ecosystem, we are a larger community than ever. 
‘With great Power, comes great responsibility’, and so as we tread along to make AA a nation-wide impactful framework, there is a need to ensure a healthy and a stable scale-up with self participatory efforts from the entire ecosystem. While adoption and usage of the ecosystem continues to be encouraging, it has its own share of challenges. 
Total number of consents successfully fulfilled through AA increased by 0.88 million in March 2023, thus growing at 18 per cent month on month. 21 new FIUs and 4 new FIPs joined the AA Ecosystem in February with the total FIUs reaching 165 and total FIPs reaching 36 in number. The ecosystem is getting more cross-sectoral with KFintech and CAMS CRAs under PFRDA going live on AA as FIPs. 25 out of 36 FIPs have gone live with 4 or more AAs, thus demonstrating that the system is becoming increasingly interoperable. 
In terms of immediate challenges, successful consents based data sharing rates continue to be low at 30-35 % of the total consent requests. A working group of FIPs have discussed the draft SLAs for finalizing the SLAs. Once adopted, this should be a great enabler for a healthy scale-up. 
FY23 has witnessed the ‘first’ of many initiatives, and FY24 will kick start with the first annual event of our ecosystem in May 2023. Welcome SamvAAd2023! More on this in the coming days, stay tuned.


AA Adoption

5.9 million

Consent requests fulfilled 

5.0 million
Accounts linked on AA

320+ FIs

actively engaged in AA adoption

165 FIs

Live on AA

36 FIPs

Live on AA 

25 FIPs

available on 4 or more AAs 

Common Infrastructure

165 FIs

10 TSPs

Sahamati Certification Framework

118 Signatories
AA Participation Terms

710 UAT 

218 Prod

Entries in AA Registry 


Grievances handled


Grievances resolved 


FI Dashboards disseminated



mfin img

Accelerating Financial Inclusion via Account Aggregator: 
Micro Finance Institutions Network (MFIN) and Sahamati organised a webinar on Accelerating Financial Inclusion via Account Aggregator. The presentation covered applicable use cases in micro-lending business, understanding the data schemas and current update on the AA ecosystem. As part of TSP Spotlight, we also had a showcase by Finfactor (technology service provider) specifically on their product/services for the micro finance audience. The event was attended by 100 professionals from the micro finance companies.



PFRDA empowers NPS Subscribers via Account Aggregator Framework

In March 2023, PFRDA outlined the role of CRAs as FIP, highlighting their interaction with Account Aggregators, enabling 1.7cr NPS Subscribers to share data via AA. 

Of the three CRAs, KFin and CAMS have gone live on AA during the month of March and Protean e-Gov was in final stages of going live. In January, ReBIT had finalised the FI Types Data Schema for NPS data.



Sahamati participated in ODR Forum 2023:

Sahamati participated in the 22nd International ODR Forum hosted by ODR Agency Agami, as part of our commitment to establish processes of grievance redressal for citizens through online dispute resolution.  The event included nearly 30 sessions and workshops on strengthening the ODR ecosystem. It was attended by nearly 400 attendees from 20 countries, including the Sahamati empaneled ODRs agencies.



IDEO Design Workshop Webinar

Sahamati hosted a Design Review Workshop, in partnership with IDEO for all Live Participants in AA ecosystem. The workshop was conducted as a mid-point review of a 7-weeks design sprint run by IDEO Last Mile Money & Sahamati focused on AA consent flows. The Design Panel included volunteer participants contributing to Design Sprint. 



Enhancements to Common infrastructure

During the month, Sahamati has released enhancements to the Beta version of UAT Registry Portal where in entities can onboard on UAT Environment instantly and also claim control over their earlier entities in UAT. We launched newer version of the AA redirection guidelines with support for additional identifiers that can be passed as redirection parameters, namely email, PAN. A new Rahasya JAR file was made available to facilitate implementation of encryption as per AA specifications. 



Sahamati Support Portal Webinar #6 – Improved engagement 

Sahamati Support team hosted 6th monthly meeting on Sahamati Support Portal for all Live Participants. The event highlighted the improvement in engagement from Support teams of FIPs in resolving the issues. Root Cause Analysis of the tickets that were closed during the month drew audience interest as the team discussed success stories of issues resolved by FIPs and FIUs.



AA SLA Working Group finalises the revised draft SLAs

The AA SLA Working Group met twice in the month of March 2023, to finalise the draft SLAs for the ecosystem. Some of the key points for deliberation was the measurement of service success rate, service uptime of FIP APIs, and response time SLAs. The Draft SLAs version 0.9.1 will be circulated in the ecosystem during April 2023, for consultation from ecosystem



Membership drive for Technology Service Providers

Sahamati commenced its third membership cycle for technology service providers in our ecosystem. TSPs help implement the foundation of AA network and are therefore fundamental in scaling up for the AA participants. On completion of the membership drive for FY24, we will initiate the process of selection for the TSP steering committee.
Get in touch with our team to become a member TSP.

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