User (FIU)

Financial Information Users (FIU) receive digitally signed data from Financial Information Providers (FIP) via Account Aggregators. FIU use the data to provide various services to the consumer like loans, insurance, or wealth management.

Drive the Change

As part of the AA ecosystem, an FIU can use financial data of customers to,
  • Provide instant access to new products and services
  • Speedening the process of approvals
  • Give wider and additional services across spectrums

Data Empowerment a Reality with
the AA Ecosystem


Secure and seamless
sharing of data through


User-controlled data sharing
with unified consent


No physical document collection or submission, preventing leakage and misuse


No sharing login credentials
with third parties reducing
security breach

How to become
an FIU?

As per the RBI directive, every entity needs to be a FIP first and then an FIU to ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem. Follow these steps to start your journey as an FIP

Get registered with a Financial Service Regulator

Get registered and regulated by at least one of the Financial Service Regulators (FSR), namely — RBI, SEBI, IRDAI, PFRDA.

Implement the FIU module

Implement RBI-defined API specifications for your callback API functions. Find the details here published by ReBIT.

Test your module

Test your FIU module against one or more of the RBI-approved Account Aggregator Sandboxes.

Enrol your module

Make it official by enrolling in the UAT-Central Registry, a directory of all entities that are testing their implementation in the development environment.

Get certified

Get your certification showing adherence to Technical Standards prescribed by ReBIT by a Sahamati empanelled auditor. See here

Get your details publicised

Get your details added by Sahamati to the Central Registry- a directory of all entities that have gone live on the AA ecosystem.

Launch your service

Start connecting with account aggregators and launch your service with customers.

Solutions by Sahamati

Use the following services offered by Sahamati to seamlessly integrate the AA
framework within your organisation.


Sahamati Certification Frameworks


Central Registry


Dispute Management System


Additional Resources


We strongly recommend that FIP/AA/FIU get their implementation certified. It guarantees interoperability, enabling FIPs and FIUs to seamlessly connect with a network of AAs (and vice versa).

No. The data being transmitted through the AA is encrypted. Also, AAs are not allowed to store, process and sell the customer’s data. This is designed to ensure AAs do not have a conflict of interest when designing processes to obtain consent for access to user data.

Currently only asset based data is available (bank accounts, deposits, mutual funds, insurance policies, pension funds). Other data types are likely to be added over time.

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