Dashboards are published by Sahamati to increase transparency and provide visibility to the AA ecosystem. They help entities to analyze and monitor their performance vis-a-vis the industry. 

Currently Sahamati publishes two types of dashboards 

  • Individual dashboard for entities: This is sent for each entity in the Live AA environment privately  
  • Public dashboard: This shows an overall performance of the ecosystem, spanning across entities who are dealing with Live customers (seen below)

The account aggregator industry dashboard displays the following metrics.

  • FIP Metrics: shows the cumulative count of Accounts linked by customers
  • FIU Metrics: shows the cumulative count of Consents Requests against which data was successfully delivered at once. (This does not imply total data fetch requests)

The dashboard is updated every weekday at 1 PM.

Cumulative Count of Accounts Linked by Account Holders

Industry-wise breakup of AA usage to AA adoption statistics.