Service Provider (TSP)

Technology Service Providers (TSP) collaborate with FIUs and FIPs to deliver AA products and services. They develop the foundation modules that connect FIP and FIU modules to the Account Aggregators in the ecosystem.

TSPs can also help fintech products in various areas like undewriting models, SME Scorecards, product design of apps and more. Additionally, TSPs can offer a single-window on-boarding experience to AA ecosystem participants by becoming intermediate certified entities.

Drive the Change

TSPs help the AA ecosystem participants with the latest tech & tools.
  • Offer innovative products to strengthen the AA ecosystem
  • Provide data analytics services to help FIPs/FIUs handle data efficiently
  • Get participants certified through ‘Intermediate Certification Entities’

Data Empowerment a Reality with
the AA Ecosystem


Secure and seamless
sharing of data through


User-controlled data sharing
with unified consent


No physical document collection or submission, preventing leakage and misuse


No sharing login credentials
with third parties reducing
security breach

How to become a

TSPs are not required to be Account Agregators to be part of the ecosystem.

Register with Sahamati

Registration is open to all TSPs who want to be part of the network. Write to us to be included in the TSP* list.

Become an Associate Member of Sahamati

To gain more benefits from the Sahamati Alliance, you can choose to become an associate member. Read the details.

*Sahamati doesn’t endorse any products or services of any entity, including that of  associate members TSPs.

Solutions by Sahamati

Use the following services offered by Sahamati to seamlessly integrate the AA
framework within your organisation.


AA Data Standard TSPs


User Experience TSPs


Data Analytics TSPs


AA Sandbox to test your services


Additional Resources


No. The data being transmitted through the AA is encrypted. Also, AAs are not allowed to store, process and sell the customer’s data. This is designed to ensure AAs do not have a conflict of interest when designing processes to obtain consent for access to user data.

Currently only asset based data is available (bank accounts, deposits, mutual funds, insurance policies, pension funds). Other data types are likely to be added over time.

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