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Membership allows your organisation to not only be heard, but contribute effectively in developing a
dynamically changing AA ecosystem. See how you can add value as a member.

Eligibility and Information to become an Associate Member of Sahamati

  • Any Technology Service Provider (TSP) taking Associate Membership with Sahamati should be a practising TSP in the Account Aggregator (AA) ecosystem
  • Their website should explicitly mention the service they provide to the AA entities
  • TSPs providing implementation of AA data standards as a service, should have completed the certification process (if not certified, it should be completed within 3 months of the membership failing which your membership will cease to exist)
  • Membership will be confirmed only on receipt of the duly signed agreement and membership fees. Incase of non receipt of any one of these, we will be unable to proceed with the membership application
  • On confirmation of the membership, service wise listing on our website will be done according to the information received in the membership form

Membership Process


Kindly follow the below process (Written in order of execution)

  • Fill the membership form fully
  • We will email you Sahamati Associate Membership Terms and Sahamati Associate Membership Terms, alongwith our bank details.
  • Agreement copy is attached here
  • Get the agreement signed from the authorised signatory
  • Make the payment of Rs. 100,000/- + Tax as applicable (deduct TDS as applicable)
  • Email the duly signed Agreement and Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) number to

Membership Form

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