Onboarding for Participants

Any registered and regulated entity under RBI, PFRDA, SEBI, IRDAI and DoR (GSTN) can be part of the AA ecosystem. It has to go through a following onboarding process.

How to onboard
as a AA

Sign the Participation Terms

Open the Participation terms, update Annexure 1 with your details. Convert to PDF and affix the digital signature to Annexure 1. You can mail this signed document to signatories@sahamati.org.in

Integrate with Sahamati Technical Services

Integrate with Technical Services exclusively for members such as the Central Registry APIs, and Token Service APIs.

Test the Technical Implementations

Test the technical implementations using UAT environments for access to Sahamati Technical Services and AA Sandboxes (relevant only for FIP / FIU participants).

Undergo the Certification Process

The certificate verifies your organisation’s adherence to the ReBIT-prescribed Technical standards. Check more details of the  Certification framework.

Participate and Collaborate

Once you become a member you gain access to the production environment of Sahamati Technical Services and other participants in the Sahamati AA ecosystem.

Solutions by Sahamati

Use the following services offered by Sahamati to seamlessly integrate the AA
framework within your organisation.


Sahamati Certification Frameworks


Central Registry


Dispute Management System


Additional Resources

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