Several account aggregators are already offering their services to citizens. Account aggregators, FIPs and FIUs that are live and certified is listed here.

The following institutions are in various stages of their FIP/FIU implementation. There are five stages of implementation

  1. Live: The service is available for citizens to use
  2. Live-enabled: The service has been listed in the production environment of the registry but is still not available for citizens to use
  3. Testing: The service has been listed in the UAT environment of the registry and is being tested by the institution with at least one AA
  4. In-Development: The service has not yet been listed in the UAT environment of the registry and is still being developed by the institution.
  5. Under-Evaluation: No development of the capability has begun yet.

Account aggregators that have been integrated with FIPs are listed here.

Last updated as on 2nd June 2023
Sl. No.Entity nameCategoryFIP implementation stageFIU implementation stage
1Bank of BarodaPublic Sector BankLiveLive
2Bank of IndiaPublic Sector BankLiveLive
3Bank of MaharashtraPublic Sector BankLiveLive
4Canara BankPublic Sector BankLiveLive
5Central Bank of IndiaPublic Sector BankLiveLive
6Indian BankPublic Sector BankLiveLive
7Indian Overseas BankPublic Sector BankLiveLive
8Punjab & Sind BankPublic Sector BankLiveLive
9Punjab National BankPublic Sector BankLiveLive
10SBIPublic Sector BankLiveLive
11UCO BankPublic Sector BankLiveLive
12Union Bank of IndiaPublic Sector BankLiveLive
13Axis BankPrivate Sector BankLiveLive
14City Union BankPrivate Sector BankLiveLive
36Bandhan BankPrivate Sector BankEvaluatingEvaluating
15DCB BankPrivate Sector BankEvaluatingEvaluating
16Federal BankPrivate Sector BankLiveLive
17HDFC BankPrivate Sector BankLiveLive
18ICICI BankPrivate Sector BankLiveLive
19IDBI BankPrivate Sector BankTestingLive
20IDFC First BankPrivate Sector BankLiveLive
21IndusInd BankPrivate Sector BankLiveLive
22Karnataka BankPrivate Sector BankLiveLive
23Karur Vysya Bank (KVB)Private Sector BankLiveLive
24Kotak BankPrivate Sector BankLiveLive
25RBL Bank LimitedPrivate Sector BankEvaluatingEvaluating
26South Indian BankPrivate Sector BankTestingTesting
27Yes BankPrivate Sector BankLiveLive
28Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)Financial InstitutionNALive
Bank of AmericaForeign BankEvaluatingTesting
29CitibankForeign BankEvaluatingEvaluating
30DBS BankForeign BankEvaluatingTesting
31Deutsche Bank AGForeign BankEvaluatingEvaluating
32HSBC BankForeign BankEvaluatingEvaluating
33SBM Bank IndiaForeign BankEvaluatingEvaluating
34Standard Chartered BankForeign BankEvaluatingEvaluating
35AU Small Finance Bank LimitedSmall Finance BankLiveLive
37Equitas BankSmall Finance BankEvaluatingEvaluating
38ESAF Small Finance BankSmall Finance BankEvaluatingEvaluating
39Fincare Small Finance BankSmall Finance BankLiveLive
40Jana Small Finance BankSmall Finance BankEvaluatingEvaluating
41Utkarsh Small Finance BankSmall Finance BankEvaluatingEvaluating
42Gujarat State Cooperative BankCo-operative BanksEvaluatingEvaluating
43Kerala State Cooperative BankCo-operative BanksEvaluatingEvaluating
Madhya Pradesh Rajya Sahakari Bank MaryaditCo-operative BanksEvaluatingEvaluating
44Maharashtra State Cooperative BankCo-operative BanksEvaluatingEvaluating
45Meghalaya Cooperative Apex Bank LtdCo-operative BanksEvaluatingEvaluating
46Punjab State Cooperative BankCo-operative BanksEvaluatingEvaluating
47Suco BankCo-operative BanksIn-DevelopmentIn-Development
48Telangana State Cooperative BankCo-operative BanksEvaluatingEvaluating
49Bharat Financial Inclusion LtdMFINAIn-Development
50India Post Payments BankPayments BanksEvaluatingEvaluating
51Jio Payments BankPayments BanksIn-DevelopmentIn-Development
52Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas BankRRBLiveLive
Andhra Pragathi Grameena BankRRBLiveLive
Arunachal Pradesh Rural BankRRBLiveLive
Aryavart BankRRBIn-developmentLive-enabled
53Baroda Gujarat Gramin BankRRBEvaluatingEvaluating
Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin BankRRBLiveLive
Ellaquai Dehati BankRRBLiveLive
Jharkhand Rajya Gramin BankRRBLiveLive
Karnataka Gramin BankRRBLiveLive
54Karnataka Vikas Grameena BankRRBLiveLive
55Kerala Gramin BankRRBLiveLive
Madhya Pradesh Gramin BankRRBIn-DevelopmentLive
Madhyanchal Gramin BankRRBLiveLive
Maharashtra Gramin BankRRBLiveLive
Meghalaya Rural BankRRBLiveLive
Mizoram Rural BankRRBLiveLive
Nagaland Rural BankRRBLiveLive
Paschim Banga Gramin BankRRBLiveLive
56Prathama UP Gramin BankRRBEvaluatingEvaluating
Puduvai Bharathiar Grama BankRRBLive-enabledLive-enabled
Rajasthan Marudhara Gramin BankRRBLiveLive
Saptagiri Grameena BankRRBLive-enabledLive-enabled
Saurashtra Gramin BankRRBLiveLive
Suryoday Small Finance BankRRBEvaluatingEvaluating
Tamil Nadu Grama BankRRBLiveLive
Telangana Grameena BankRRBLiveLive
Utkal Grameen BankRRBLiveLive
Uttarakhand Gramin BankRRBLiveLive
Vidharbha Konkan Gramin BankRRBIn-DevelopmentLive-enabled
Aadhar Housing Finance LimitedHFCNATesting
57Aditya Birla Housing Finance LimitedHFCNALive
58Agrim Housing FinanceHFCNALive
59Art Housing Finance (India) LimitedHFCNALive
Aavas Financiers LimitedHFCNATesting
Bajaj Housing Finance LimitedHFCNALive-enabled
Capital India Home Loans LimitedHFCNALive
Easy Home Finance LimitedHFCNALive
60Godrej Housing FinanceHFCNAEvaluating
96Home First Finance Company India LtdHFCNALive
IKF Home Finance Private LimitedHFCNALive
62India Shelter Finance Corporation LimitedHFCNALive
KIFS Housing Finance LimitedHFCNALive
63Motilal Oswal Housing Finance LtdHFCNALive
64Piramal Capital & Housing Finance LimitedHFCNALive
Poonawalla Housing Finance LimitedHFCNALive-enabled
PNB Housing Finance LimitedHFCNATesting
65Roha Housing Finance Private LimitedHFCNALive
Shriram Housing Finance LimitedHFCNALive
Svatantra Micro Housing Finance Corporation LimitedHFCNATesting
66Tata Capital Housing Finance Ltd.HFCNALive
Ummeed Housing Finance Private LimitedHFCNALive-enabled
67Vastu Housing Finance Corporation LimitedHFCNALive
Vridhi Finserv Home Finance LimitedHFCNALive
Wonder Home Finance LimitedHFCNALive
68121 Finance Private LimitedNBFCNALive
Aditya Birla Finance LimitedNBFCNATesting
Adani Capital Private LimitedNBFCNATesting
Agriwise Finserv LimitedNBFCNALive
Akara Capital Advisors Private LimitedNBFCNALive
Alstromeria Capital Private Limited (Finnxt)NBFCNATesting
69Amros Commercial Private LimitedNBFCNALive
70Arthan Finance Private LimitedNBFCNALive
Aryadhan Financial Solutions Private LimitedNBFCNATesting
Ascend Bizcap Private LimitedNBFCNALive
71ASK Financial Holdings Pvt LtdNBFCNAEvaluating
Avanse Financial Services LimitedNBFCNATesting
72Axis FinanceNBFCNALive
Aye Finance Private LimitedNBFCNALive
73Bajaj Finance Ltd (Bajaj Finserv)NBFCLiveLive
Bob Financial Solutions LimitedNBFCNATesting
74CapFloat Financial Services Private Limited (axio)NBFCNALive
Capital Trust LimitedNBFCNALive
75Capri Global Capital LimitedNBFCNALive
76Cars24 Financial ServicesNBFCNALive
79Chinmay Finlease Limited (Lenditt)NBFCNALive
Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company LimitedNBFCNALive
80Conatus Finserve Private LimitedNBFCNALive
81Credit SaisonNBFCNALive
82Credit Wise CapitalNBFCNALive
Credright Finance Private LtdNBFCNALive
85DMI Finance Pvt LtdNBFCNALive
86EarlySalary Services Private LimitedNBFCNALive
87Eduvanz Financing Private LimitedNBFCNATesting
88Eight Finance Private LimitedNBFCNALive
89Ekagrata Finance Private LimitedNBFCNALive
Electronica Finance LimitedNBFCNALive
90Epimoney Private LimitedNBFCNALive
Fairassets Technologies India Private LimitedNBFCNALive
Faith Financials Private LimitedNBFCNATesting
Fincfriends Private LimitedNBFCNATesting
Finnable Credit Private Limited NBFCNALive
Focus Capital Services LimitedNBFCNALive
91Fullerton India Credit Co. Ltd.NBFCNALive
F MEC International Financial Services LtdNBFCNALive-enabled
Ganesh Ganga Investment Private LimitedNBFCNALive
Girnar Capital Private LimitedNBFCNALive
Glaze Barter Private LimitedNBFCNATesting
Godrej Finance LimitedNBFCNATesting
92Gromor Finance Private LimitedNBFCNALive
93Harvinder Finance CompanyNBFCNALive
HDB Financial Services LimitedNBFCNALive
94HDFC Credila Financial Services LimitedNBFCNAIn-Development
95Hero Fincorp LimitedNBFCNATesting
Helpage Finlease Private LimitedNBFCNALive
Hinduja Leyland Finance LimitedNBFCNALive
Home Credit India Finance Private LimitedNBFCNATesting
Hytone Holdings Private LimitedNBFCNALive-enabled
97i-Loan Credit Products Private LimitedNBFCNALive
98IIFL (India Infoline Finance)NBFCNALive
99Incred FinanceNBFCNALive
Indian School Finance Company Private LimitedNBFCNALive
101Innofin Solutions Private Limited (LendenClub)NBFCNALive
102Inventure Finance Pvt LtdNBFCNAIn-Development
Kaleidofin Capital Private LimitedNBFCNATesting
103Krazybee Service Pvt LimitedNBFCNALive
K. M. Global Credit Private Limited (Creditfair)NBFCNALive
Kudos Finance & Investments Private LimitedNBFCNALive
104Lendingkart Finance LimitedNBFCNALive
LivFin India Private LimitedNBFCNALive
105LoanTap Credit Products Private LimitedNBFCNALive
Lok Suvidha Finance LimitedNBFCNALive-enabled
106Lord Fincap LtdNBFCNALive
L&T Finance LimitedNBFCNATesting
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services LimitedNBFC-DIn-DevelopmentLive
107Mamta Projects Private LimitedNBFCNALive
Manappuram Finance LimitedNBFCNALive
MAS Financial Services LimitedNBFCNALive
108Mintifi Finserve Private LimitedNBFCIn-DevelopmentIn-Development
Monk Capital Private Limited (Fee Monk)NBFCNALive
109mPokket Financial Services Pvt Ltd.NBFCNALive
110Muthoot Finance LimitedNBFCNALive
111MyLoanCare Ventures Private LimitedNBFCNALive
112Nahar Credits Private LimitedNBFCNAIn-Development
113Navi Finserv Private LimitedNBFCNALive
114NDX P2P Private LimitedNBFCNALive
115NeoGrowth CreditNBFCNALive
116Northern Arc CapitalNBFCNAEvaluating
Origa Lease Finance Private LimitedNBFCNALive
Si Creva Capital Services Private LimitedNBFCNALive
117Oxyzo Financial ServicesNBFCNALive
Parfait Finance & Investments Private LimitedNBFCNALive-enabled
Paisalo Digital LimitedNBFCNALive
118Payme IndiaNBFCNALive
119PayU Finance India Private LimitedNBFCNALive
120Poonawalla FincorpNBFCNAEvaluating
121Protium Finance LimitedNBFCNALive
122Quadrillion Finance Private LimitedNBFCNALive
Reliance Retail Finance LimitedNBFCNALive
123Riviera Investors Private LimitedNBFCNALive
Rpn Fintralease And SecuritiesNBFCNATesting
Ruptok Capital Private LimitedNBFCNALive
R.K. Bansal Finance LimitedNBFCNALive
124Sai Roshni Capital Private Limited (EZFINANZ)NBFCNALive-enabled
Salora Capital Limited (Dhanrashi)NBFCNALive-enabled
125Sampathi Credits Private Limited (Friendloan)NBFCNALive
Sampati Securities Limited (Creditt)NBFCNATesting
Sarvagram Fincare Private LimitedNBFCNALive
SBI Cards and Payment Services LimitedNBFCNALive
Shubharambh Capital Finance Private LimitedNBFCNATesting
Singularity Creditworld Private LimitedNBFCNALive
SK Finance LimitedNBFCNALive
126Snapmint Financial Services Private LimitedNBFCNALive
127Speel Finance Company Private Limited (Pocketly)NBFCNALive
Stride One Capital LimitedNBFCNALive
129Sundaram FinanceNBFCNAEvaluating
Swara Fincare LimitedNBFCNATesting
Seeds Fincap Private LimitedNBFCNALive
130Tapstart Capital Private LimitedNBFCNAIn-Development
131Tata Capital Financial Services LtdNBFCNALive
Trillions Fintech Private LimitedNBFCNALive
132True Credits Private Limited (True Balance)NBFCNALive
TVS Credit Services LimitedNBFCNALive
133U GRO CapitalNBFCNALive
134Upmove Capital Pvt LtdNBFCNALive
U.Y. Fincorp LimitedNBFCNATesting
Vaibhav Vyapaar Private LimitedNBFCNALive
135Vastu Finserve India Private LimitedNBFCNALive
Venus Portfolio and Finance Private LimitedNBFCNATesting
Vivifi India Finance (P) LtdNBFCNATesting
136Visionary Financepeer Private LimitedNBFCNALive
137Vistaar Financial Services Private LimitedNBFCNALive
Whizdm Finance Private LimitedNBFCNALive
138Wortgage Finance PvtNBFCNALive
Monexo Fintech Private LimitedNBFC-P2PNATesting
Muthoot Forex LimitedAD-IINALive
Dreampurse Technologies Private LimitedPPINALive
139One MobiKwik Systems LimitedPPINATesting
140A&A Dukaan Financial Services Pvt LtdPOPEvaluatingLive
Mynd Solutions Private Limited (M1xchange)TReDSNALive
Receivables Exchange of India LimitedTReDSNALive-enabled
141Lunchbrake Technologies Private Limited (Fold Money)Retirement AdviserNALive
ACKO Life Insurance LimitedPrivate Sector LifeEvaluatingTesting
142Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance LtdPrivate Sector LifeTestingLive
143Aegon Life InsurancePrivate Sector LifeIn-DevelopmentLive
144Bajaj Allianz Life InsurancePrivate Sector LifeTestingLive
145Bharti Axa Life InsurancePrivate Sector LifeIn-DevelopmentIn-Development
146Canara HSBC Life InsurancePrivate Sector LIfeLiveIn-Development
147Edelweiss Tokio Life InsurancePrivate Sector LifeLiveLive
148HDFC Life InsurancePrivate Sector LifeLiveLive
149ICICI Prudential Life InsurancePrivate Sector LifeLiveLive
India First Life Insurance Company LimitedPrivate Sector LifeTestingLive
Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Company LimitedPrivate Sector LifeEvaluatingTesting
150Max Life Insurance Company LimitedPrivate Sector LifeLiveLive
151PNB MetLife India Insurance Company LimitedPrivate Sector LifeLiveLive
Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company LimitedPrivate Sector Life InsuranceEvaluatingEvaluating
152SBI Life Insurance Company LimitedPrivate Sector LifeLiveLive
Shriram Life Insurance Company LimitedPrivate Sector LifeEvaluatingEvaluating
153Star Union Daichi Life InsurancePrivate Sector LifeEvaluatingEvaluating
154TATA AIA Life InsurancePrivate Sector LifeLiveLive
United India Insurance Company LimitedPrivate Sector LifeEvaluatingTesting
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company LimitedPrivate Sector Non LifeTestingLive
155Future Generali India Insurance Company LtdPrivate Sector Non LifeEvaluatingTesting
Go Digit General Insurance Limited Private Sector Non LifeEvaluatingTesting
156HDFC ErgoPrivate Sector Non LifeLiveTesting
157ICICI LOMBARD General Insurance Company LimitedPrivate Sector Non LifeIn-DevelopmentIn-Development
158Magma HDI General InsurancePrivate Sector Non LIfeEvaluatingEvaluating
Reliance General Insurance Company LimitedPrivate Sector Non LifeEvaluatingEvaluating
Tata AIG General Insurance Company LimitedPrivate Sector Non LifeEvaluatingEvaluating
159Life Insurance Corporation of IndiaPublic Sector LifeEvaluatingEvaluating
The New India Assurance Company LimitedPublic Sector Non LifeIn-DevelopmentTesting
Neotec Insurance Brokers LtdInsurance BrokerNATesting
160Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Pvt LtdInsurance BrokerNALive
Girnar Insurance Brokers Private Limited (Insurance dekho)Insurance BrokerNALive
Banksathi Technologies And Insurance Corporate Agency Private LimitedCorporate AgentsNATesting
CreditMantri Finserve Private LimitedCorporate AgentsNAIn-Development
161Neo Opportunities Fund TrustAIFNALive
172Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL)DepositoryLiveEvaluating
1625Paisa Capital LimitedStock BrokerNALive
163Alice Blue Financial Services Pvt LtdStock BrokerNALive
164Angel BrokingStock BrokerNATesting
Angel One LimitedStock BrokerNALive
Astha Credit & Securities Private limitedStock BrokerNALive
77Centrum Capital LtdStock BrokerNAIn-Development
167Edelweiss Financial Services LimitedStock BrokerNAEvaluating
Equirus Wealth Private LimitedStock BrokerNATesting
Geojit Financial Services LimitedStock BrokerNALive
168ICICI SecuritiesStock BrokerNALive
100Inditrade Capital LtdStock BrokerNATesting
169NU Investment Pvt. Ltd.Stock BrokerNALive
Prabhudas Lilladher Private LimitedStock BrokerNATesting
Prudent Corporate Advisory Services LimitedStock BrokerNALive-enabled
170RKSV Securities India Pvt LtdStock BrokerNALive
192Rudra Share and Stock Brokers LimitedStock BrokerNALive
128Spenny Fintech Private LimitedStock BrokerNALive
Stockal Securities Pvt. Ltd.Stock BrokerNATesting
171Tata Securities Ltd.Stock BrokerNAEvaluating
Torus Financial Markets Private LimitedStock BrokerNALive
Zerodha Broking LimitedStock BrokerNATesting
165ASK Property Investment Advisors Private LimitedPortfolio ManagerNAEvaluating
178ASK Investment Managers LimitedPortfolio ManagerNAEvaluating
Dezerv Investments Private LimitedPortfolio ManagerNALive
Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services LimitedPMSNATesting
Cholamandalam Securities LimitedResearch AnalystNATesting
Kredent Infoedge Private LimitedResearch AnalystNATesting
174PrimeInvestor Financial Research Private LimitedResearch AnalystNATesting
SampadhaResearch AnalystNALive
SMC Global Securities LtdResearch AnalystNATesting
175Alpha CapitalRIAsNALive
176Alphaware Advisory Services Private LimitedRIAsNATesting
177Amica Investment Advisers Private LimitedRIAsNALive
166ASK Wealth Advisors Private LimitedRIAsNAEvaluating
Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited (Bajaj Markets)RIAsNALive
Circle Wealth Advisors Private LimitedRIAsNAEvaluating
179Epifi Wealth Private LimitedRIAsNALive
Fee Only Investment Advisers LLPRIAsNALive
Financial Hospital AdvisorRIAsNATesting
Finurja India Pvt LtdRIAsNATesting
Finvasia Financial Services Private LimitedRIAsNATesting
181Finzoom Investment Advisors Private LimitedRIAsNALive
Karat Capital Advisors Private LimitedRIAsNATesting
184Kairos Capital Private LimitedRIAsNATesting
Mobikwik Investment AdvisorsRIAsNALive
O3 Bhuvi AdvisorsRIAsNALive
Oyepaisa Consulting Private LimitedRIAsNALive
Samco Securities LimitedRIAsNATesting
187Sigfyn Wealth Management Pvt. LtdRIAsNALive
188Simply Grow TechnologiesRIAsNAEvaluating
189White Oak Capital ManagementRIAsNAIn-Development
1 Finance Private LimitedRIAsNALive
191KFin Technologies LimitedRTALive-enabledTesting
190Computer Age Management Services Limited (myCAMS)RTALive-enabledLive
Goods and Services Tax NetworkGSTTestingEvaluating
KFin Technologies Limited (NPS)CRALiveTesting
Protean eGov Technologies Limited (NPS)CRALiveEvaluating
Computer Age Management Services LimitedCRALiveEvaluating
National Bank for Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentNABARDNATesting
Last modified as on 2nd June 2023