At Sahamati, we believe in creating an environment for our employees to personally and professionally thrive to have a maximum impact on our mission of building a strong Account Aggregator ecosystem in India.

Who we are

Sahamati (DigiSahamati Foundation) is a non-profit company incorporated under Section 8 of the Companies Act. We are a self-organised industry alliance formed to promote and strengthen the Account Aggregator ecosystem. We will initially focus on the financial services world but intend to work in other sectors including healthcare and education in the future.

We are working to,

  • Promote the AA ecosystem among consumers and organisations through education, advocacy and collaboration
  • Give a common platform for all participants to voice their ideas, concerns and solutions for building the AA network
  • Promote interoperability, security and user experience standards amongst our members
  • Offer common public infrastructure and resources needed for interoperability
  • Create a framework for standards, code of conduct, and grievance redressal for members

Working at Sahamati

Working together and with our member organisations, Sahamati embodies a culture of collaboration, inclusion and accountability that fosters personal, professional and organisational success.

Our core values define the way we work and the values we look for in our prospective employees:
  • Put members and consumers first
  • Collaborate and communicate openly
  • Act with integrity and hold ourselves accountable
  • Foster diversity and treat everyone with respect
  • Think broadly
  • Innovate for good

Career Development Opportunities

At Sahamati you are encouraged to define your goals and your own pathways to success.
Here you will find,


Opportunities for leadership and
skill development


Supportive network of peers
and expert professionals


Opportunities for growth no
matter where you are in your career