• FIP – Financial Information Provider: Bank, NBFC, AMC, depository, depository participant, insurance company, insurance repository, pension fund [ref 3 (xi) AA Master Directions]
  • FIU – Financial information user: an entity registered with and regulated by any financial sector regulator [ref 3 (xii) AA Master Directions];
  • AA – Account Aggregator
  • FSR – Financial Sector regulator; RBI, SEBI, IRDAI, PFRDA, DoR [ref 3 (x) AA Master Directions]
  • CR – Central Registry: A centrally hosted (under one of the FSRs) repository of Key/Certificate of FIU, FIP & AAs

Glossary of Account types

All possible Account types that can be provided by an FIP

KeywordType of AccountRemarks
SASavings AccountIncludes all type of Savings, Salary, Kids, Non-Residential Rupee (NRE), Non-Residential Ordinary (NRO), No-Frills, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), Students,’ women’s accounts, and similar accounts
CACurrent AccountAll variants of current account, EEFC accounts, and similar accounts
TDTerm Deposit Also known as Fixed Deposit (FD), including Tax Saving FDs
RDRecurring DepositAll recurring deposits (periodic and non-periodic)
ODOverdraft AccountOD accounts created by giving Loan against FD, Loan against Shares, Temporary Overdraft (TOD), and others
CCCash Credit AccountCash Credit accounts with sanction limit and drawing power (varying daily)
CardsCredit CardAll retail credit cards along with add-on cards
PPFPublic Provident FundPublic Provident Fund by GOI
MISMonthly Income SchemePost Office and other banks’ Monthly Income Scheme 
KVPKisan Vikas PatraKisan Vikas Patra by GOI
SSYSukanya Samriddhi YojanaSukanya Samriddhi Yojana by GOI
NSCNational Savings CertificateNational Savings Certificate by GOI
SCSSSenior Citizens Savings SchemeSenior Citizens Savings Scheme by GOI. This should go for discovery only if the applicant is a senior citizen
PMVVYPradhan Mantri Vaya Vandan YojanaPradhan Mantri Vaya Vandan Yojana by GOI. This should go for discovery only if the applicant is a senior citizen
APYAtal Pension YojanaAtal Pension Yojana by GOI
EPFOEmployee Provident FundAll Employee Provident Funds by GOI connected by Universal Account Numbers (UANs) 
NPSNational Pension SystemAll tier-1 and tier-2 investments
CPCommercial PaperCommercial papers
GSGovernment SecuritiesGovernment Securities
GoldGold BondsAll types of Gold investments (bonds, retail and bullion) 
MFMutual FundsAll equity, debit, hybrid, ELSS, Sector, International, Gold, and other types of funds – SIP and lumpsum 
LIInsurance PoliciesTerm, ULIP, Traditional, Child, and other life insurance policies
GIGeneral Insurance PoliciesHealth, Home, Property, non-life, and other General insurance policies
DematDirect equity, bonds through a Demat accountAll Direct Equity, PMS, Tax Free Bonds under Section 10 of Income Tax Act, 1961; Capital Gain Bonds Under Section 54EC of Income Tax, 1961 such as REC, NHAI, PFC, IRFC bonds and any other holdings in Dematerialised form
Data Blind
Encryption (public key)

1. Consent– As defined in Section 11 of the Indian Data Protection Act, 2022

2.DEPA”-Data Empowerment and Protection Architecture

3. Data Provider -A data provider (DP) is an entity that collects and stores personal data pursuant to a legal obligation for provision of services. In the DEPA framework DPs could be anyone who is a Data fiduciary under the law.

4. Data Consumer- A data Consumer/user (DC) is an entity that seeks digital data from the Data Principal, in order to provide services. The DC places the request for the need of data with the CM which triggers the process of consent collection from the Data Principal.

5. Consent Manager – entity licensed by the Data Protection Authority which will enable a data principal to give, withdraw, review, and manage their consent through an accessible, transparent, and interoperable platform.

6. Silver Copy- Only information necessary, specific for a purpose will be shared in this copy for a limited duration. This is essentially a copy derived from the “Gold or master copy” sitting with the data provider. The silver copy is generated to address specific requests and uses. The copy cannot be shared, altered, retained modified and is pre-programmed to be deleted after the purpose.

7. Gold or master copy– The silver copy is generated from this copy to address specific requests and uses.

8. Data Protection Authority (“Authority”)– As defined in Clause 3(5) of the Data Protection Act, 2022

9. The Data Protection Act, 2021