Housing Finance Companies Awareness program on AA

4 May 2022
Online streaming

Past Events

30 May 2022

Sahamati, under the aegis of NABARD conducts AA workshop for Regional Rural Banks and State Cooperative Banks

30 May 2022

Sahamati participates in IRDAI Insuretech event

4 May 2022

Housing Finance Companies Awareness program on AA

July/Aug 2020

Sahamati’s Account Aggregator Hackathon – Hackathon Masterclass videos, Sahamati AA Hackathon 2020 – Projects List, Sahamati Account Aggregator Hackathon Results!

Dec 2020

Account Aggregator Community Event

Sep 2, 2021

Account Aggregator Ecosystem Go-Live

Oct 1, 2021

Account Aggregator Ecosystem Technical Service Provider Open House

Nov 26, 2021

Digital Financial Inclusion:Regulation, Emerging Business Models and Challenges, hosted by National Institute of Bank Management, Pune

Dec 23, 2021

UPI, Sahamati and OCEN: How to come out a winner amidst these unprecedent disruptions? How will banks meet the tech demands? hosted by FICCI – IBA Banking Conference – FIBAC 2021 – Presentation, Video

March 4, 2022

Legal Open House for Account Aggregator Participants