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The NBFC-AA license is issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to Account Aggregators. An Account Aggregator initially receives an in-principle NBFC-AA license on satisfying the registration pre-requisites set by RBI. Within a year they need to apply for an “Operating license” to launch their commercial services. For more details on NBFC-AA License, please refer to Section 4.2 (Process of Registration) of the Master Directions

AAs with Operating NBFC-AA License

Account Aggregators with an Operating license from the RBI are listed below in alphabetical order.

Sr NoAA Company NameContact Person
1CAMSFinServTejinder Singh
2CRIF Connect Private Limited Kshitij Talwar
3Cookiejar Technologies Private Limited (Product titled Finvu)Manoj Alandkar
4Dashboard Account Aggregation Services Private Limited
(Product titled Saafe)
Vijayan Rajasekar
5FinSec AA Solutions Private Limited (Product titled OneMoney)
A Krishna Prasad
6NESL Asset Data LimitedNirmal Sebastian
7Protean (formerly NSDL E-Governance Account Aggregator Limited) (Product titled Protean SurakshAA)Rahul Agarwal
8Perfios Account Aggregation Services Pvt Ltd (Product titled Anumati)Kantharaju H G
9PhonePe Technology Services Private LimitedVidhi Jain
10Unacores AA Solutions Private LimitedRavi Doshi
11Yodlee Finsoft Private Limited
Anuj Rai

AAs with In-Principle Approval

Account Aggregators which have received In-Principle approval from RBI are listed below.

Sr NoAA Company NameContact Person
1Agya Technologies Private LimitedNikhil Kumar
2Cygnet Account Aggregation Private LimitedNiraj Hutheesing
3Digio Internet Private LimitedAbhinav Parashar
4OMS Fintech Account Aggregator Private LimitedNitin Sawant
5PB Financial Account Aggregator Private LimitedTBA
6Tally Account Aggregator Services Private Limited (Product titled TallyEdge)Rathna Raj