Every act of open sharing – be it an idea, a question, a code snippet or even just one’s time to listen to others in steering committees, working groups and workshops – is contributing continuously to a set of Community Guidelines. Such Guidelines bind us all to a code of conduct and harmonize behaviours across the value chain of service delivery – sales, marketing, product, technology and delivery engines.

Please find here V 1.2 of the AA Community Guidelines, a product of community deliberations across over 20 topics, resulting in 60 guidelines.

Much like other parts of our ecosystem, while half of these guidelines can be considered “final”, the rest are at a semi-final stage. The preamble to the document provides context as to how to read and use these guidelines.

What the Guidelines intend to provide:

a. A consolidated list of all community guidelines – preventing the need for members to access separate minutes of meetings, schematics, etc.

b. A path to community-driven enforcement – with each guideline being formally “coded”, e.g. AC001 (the first guideline covering AA Client)

c. A backlog of guidelines that merit community attention to achieve convergence

What the Guidelines are not:

a. An explanation of technical specifications, master directions or participation terms – these guidelines are to be read as complementary to these assets, often either as an elaboration or an interpretation that the community has converged upon.

Let us continue enhancing the strength of our community and its guidelines, in a spirit of “Samvaad” (dialogue)!