With the ever growing network of Account Aggregators, volunteers can not only help Sahamati in building this industry alliance, but also share their domain expertise to strengthen the core of the new consent-based datasharing ecosystem.

Advantages of
becoming a volunteer

As a Sahamati volunteer you have the opportunity to:


Gain better understanding of the
AA ecosystem from the people
involved in driving the change


Spread the word in you network
and help others join the largest AA
network of the country


Share your domain expertise and
innovative solutions that can be
adopted widely

Volunteer Hall of Fame

We appreciate the people and organisations who have freely given their
precious time in building and strengthening the future of the AA ecosystem.

Who can volunteer?

You can become a Sahamati Volunteer as an individual or as an organisation. This is an opportunity to play a role in the adoption and standardisation of the AA framework.

You will be a right fit if you,
  • Have domain expertise in sectors where AA could be useful
  • Have the technical background to work on the architecture, design and UI/UX of the AA framework
  • Can productize the tools developed by other volunteers
  • Are passionate about fintech and would like to write about the different implications of AA
  • Like to get your hands dirty with quantitative/qualitative research
  • Think there are other ways you could add value to our operations.

More About Account Aggregators

If you’re new to the world of Account Aggregators, here
are some resources to get you started,

Help Usher a New Era of Data Governance in India