Saans stands for “Swasthya of AA Network as a Service”.

Swasthya – Hindi and most India languages for “Health”.

Saans – Hindi for “breath” (or “life”)

This AA API health dashboard service aims to provide a transparent view into the real-time health of “Live” AA APIs offered by each network participant.

How does Saans v1.0.0 work?

Saans is based on AAs streaming real-time statistically-derived health metrics of each FIP to a central time-series database managed by Sahamati, for the community.

Each AA computes these real-time metrics by summarising individual request-response health signals, typically over a duration of 10 minutes, and then applying appropriate statistical measures on the aggregate (such as percentile functions).

Saans collects such statistical measures from each live AA. It then further applies a statistical interpretation across all the health signals thus collected, to provide an “aggregated” view of the health of each API.

Does Saans provide an AA-wise view of the health measured?

No. Saans aggregates health signals from all the AAs into a common database. It then treats each signal received as equally representative of an FIP’s health. A statistical measure is applied across all the signals collected over time. There is no way to filter signals by AA once it is aggregated into the common database.

We have no reason to believe that an FIP’s health will show up as significantly different between one AA and the other – given the standard protocol followed in the AA specs for AA-FIP integration.

Does Saans collect counts of transactions or individual transaction details from AAs?

No. Saans only collects summaries of health metrics from AAs, by design. It does not collect counts or individual transaction details from AAs.

What are the health metrics that Saans v1.0.0 collects and presents?

In the first version of Saans (v1.0.0), it offers a transparent view of the health of each FIP’s APIs’ health, plotted as two dashboards.