Sahamati has formed several working groups constituting AA participants with two-fold intentions of self-regulation and collaboration. These working groups, comprised of representatives from AAs, FIPs, FIUs and TSPs, meet regularly to address commonly faced concerns and conflicts in adoption of AA. Working groups not only provides platform for sharing information and voicing out opinions from the perspective of each of these participants, but also fosters collaboration by converging on commonly accepted code of conduct for healthy evolution of the AA ecosystem.

  1. Assisted, Aadhaar-enabled AA Working Group

    RBIH led working group in association with Sahamati to build out a secure, simple Aadhaar based process for using Account Aggregator in an assisted mode. The objective is to ensure that Assisted AA framework can be effectively deployed to improve the access to financial services for half billion population that doesn’t have a smart phone or have relatively low levels of digital and/or financial literacy

    Mr. Sunil Kulkarni, CEO, BCFI (as the chair)
    Mr. Gaurav Gupta, CEO, Adani Capital
    Ms. Honey Madaan, SVP, Airtel Payments Bank
    Mr. Ankur Tripathi, CTO, AU Small Finance Bank
    Mr. Ragavan Venkatesan, CEO, DGV
    Mr. Munish Bhatia, CEO, Finvu Account Aggregator
    Mr. Manoj Kashyap, Head-Digital Banking, HDFC Bank
    Mr. J. Venkatramu, India Post Payments Bank
    Ms Natasha Jethanandani, CTO Kaleidofin
    Mr. Anand Bajaj, CEO, Paynearby
    Mr. Bertram D’Souza, CPIO, Protean
    Mr. Rakesh Ranjan, Reserve Bank Innovation Hub (RBIH)
    Ms. Praveena Rai, COO, National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI)
    Mr. Sanjeev Yadav, Director Authentication, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)
  2. GSTN FIP Recommendations Working Group

    Sahamati makes a representation to policy makers based on feedback received from lenders on the GSTN SRS that has been approved by DoR. The working group arrived at a list of additional requirements which were captured in a written proposal and shared with DFS for further deliberations.

    Mr. Ravi Modiani, 121 Finance
    Mr. Sameer Shetty, Axis Bank
    Mr. Kunal Pradeep Chitnis, Axis Bank
    Mr. Akhil Handa, Bank of Baroda
    Mr. Khadgi Mukund Sharadrao, Bank of Baroda
    Mr. Asheesh Pandey, Bank of Maharashtra
    Mr. Ravinder Khokhar, HDFC Bank
    Mr. Sanjay Seshamani, Kotak Bank
    Mr. Kinjal Shah, Lendingkart
    Mr. Sivasubramanian Ramann, SIDBI
    Mr. Ravi Tyagi, SIDBI
    Mr. Nitesh Ranjan, Union Bank
    Mr. Hrushikesh Mehta, Credall
    Mr. Niraj Hutheesing, Cygnet
    Mr. Jinand Shah, Online PSB Loans
  3. AA Anti-Fraud Guidelines Working Group

    Sahamati led working group to identify potential scenarios of frauds in the AA Ecosystem with suggested best practices and mitigation measures on technology, data governance, processes, policies

    Mr. Dhananjay Tambe, former Deputy MD CIO, SBI (as the Chair)
    Mr. Kailash Nadh, CTO, Zerodha
    Mr. Sumit Gwalini, Co-founder, Fi
    Mr. Rahul Chari, Founder CTO, PhonePe
    Mr. Saurabh Panjwani, Technical Fellow at iSpirit
    Mr. Susanta Dash, Deputy CTO, SBI
    Mr. Sasikumar Ganesan, Head of Engineering, MOSIP (Volunteer)
  4. Customer Experience Guidelines Working Group

    This working group is led to define community guidelines applicable to FIUs and AAs for implementing consent journeys that are compliant to the spirit of AA regulations, and also frictionless for citizens.

    Ms. Nagalakshmi K, Product Manager, Tally Account Aggregator Services Private Limited
    Mr. Prateek Patnaik, Product Lead (AA), Epifi Wealth Private Limited
    Mr. Raman Kapoor, Epifi Wealth Private Limited
    Mr. Saurabh Mulye, NeoGrowth Credit
    Mr. Munish Bhatia, Cookiejar Technologies Pvt Ltd (Finvu)
    Ms Kamalika Poddar, CAMSfinserv
    Mr. Vicky Upadhye, Assistant Manager, NSDL E-Governance Account Aggregator Limited
  5. AA Client Data Security Working Group

    Sahamati leads this working group to define technical guidelines aimed at protecting data privacy of citizens, using AA client interfaces (web, mobile)

    Mr. Anil Joseph, Finacus Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    Mr. Saran Sankaran, Software Engineer, Epifi Wealth Private Limited
    Mr. Praveen Prabhu, Cookiejar Technologies Pvt Ltd (Finvu)
    Mr. Pradip Waghmare, CISO, Finarkein Analytics Private Limited
    Ms Kamalika Poddar, CAMSfinserv
    Mr. Kunal Kishan, Architect, Perfios Account Aggregation Services Pvt Ltd (Anumati)
  6. Tech Tuesdays Forum

    Forum for all Tech and product leads of AAs and Technology Service Providers – Sahamati hosts weekly forums to deliberate and converge on a variety of tech/product topics needing a harmonious understanding amongst AA API implementation entities (AAs, TSPs)

  7. AA Tech Collab Forum

    Forum for all Tech and product leads of AAs – Sahamati runs AA Tech Collab Forum to deliberate and converge on a variety of tech/product topics relevant only for AAs to implement.