Financial Information Users use the Account Aggregator framework to acquire data of the customer with their consent. While the FIP-FIU TSPs are providing the FIP-FIU modules, there are various other services that are required to make full use of the data received from the Account Aggregator digital public rails. Data Analytics Technical service providers (TSPs) provide the following services to the AA ecosystem,

  1. Underwriting models
  2. SME scorecards
  3. Early Warning Monitors for lending and wealth management
  4. Lead Management System

Sahamati doesn’t endorse any products or services of any entity, including that of TSPs.

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Sl NoCompany NameServices
3Cygnet Infotech Private Limited

Rahul Bohra
- GST Analysis
- Bank Statement Analysis
- ITR Analysis
- Financial Statement Analysis
- Credit Card Statement Analysis
- Pay Slip analysis
- Credit Underwriting Model
- GST Return Compliance Score: Early Warning Indicator for NTC customers
- Credit Decisioning and Monitoring Platform
- Invoice Verification for Trade
- Cross analysis based on GST, ITR and Bank statement
- Early warning based on GST and Bank statement
5D2K Technologies India Private Limited

Supriya Shidgane
- Cash Forecasting and Cash Flow Analysis
- Dashboards for understanding competition and behavioural patterns
- Dynamic Collection Management using Alternate data and CRM data
- NLP Driven Digital Collection Communication Analytics
- Collection Settlement Recommendation Engine
- Digital lending platform for Retail, SME and Corporate Loan products
- Pre-build Credit Underwriting Models for Retail and SME lending products
- Bank, GST, ITR Statement Analytics
- AI & ML based Data and Bureau Report Analytics
-“Credit Risk Engine for Monitoring and Asset Quality Analytics” (CRisMac EWSScore) for Early Warning System using analytics for default prediction
- Transaction Analytics for SB and CA Bank Statement
- Video enabled KYC/Customer Engagement
- Credit Rating for Loans & Advances
- Deposit & CASA Analytics
- Financial Statements and Pay Slips Analytics - Rich Sentiment Analysis for News/Blogs and Social Media footprint of Companies
- API-based data aggregation and Loan Management System
- Automated Credit Appraisal/ Review Memorandum
- Automated Eligibility Calculators and Credit Limits
- Workflow automation

Nageen Kommu
- Analytics for automated credit underwriting
- Fraud detection specifically, identity fraud and document fraud
- User profiling
10Finacus Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Ashwin Ayyappan
- Bank Statement Analyser
- AI/ML enabled Document Data Extraction
- Video enabled KYC/Customer Engagement
- Customer Onboarding
- Anti-Money Laundering Solution
- Credit Rating for Loans & Advances
- Deposit & CASA Analysis
- Customer Segmentation & Targeting
- Loan Journey Monitoring
- Analytics of Reports from Enterprise Systems
11Finarkein Analytics- Consumer Information Platform for Regulated BFSI companies
- Cross-domain data sourcing, processing and presentation
- Single source of authentic financial and non-financial Consumer Information
- Insurance Sales, Underwriting, Service and Claims solutions
- Verification, Assessment, Monitoring & Advisory solutions for Lenders, Wealth, PFM and FinTechs
- low/no code integration solutions with simplest interfaces and high degree of customization flexibility
- Build-your-own option with process flow orchestration and query layer
14Finezza- Bank Statement Analyzer
- Credit Bureau Data Analysis

Anusha Malani
+91 99209 97096
- No code platform for seamless entity onboarding
- Customer & Entity Due Diligence through KYC & KYB checks
- Identification document tampering checks
- Video services for enabling KYC & lending due diligence
- Risk estimation through email ID & mobile number checks
- Income Verification through multiple checks
- Income estimation (Bank stmt analysis, alternative data analysis)
- Background checks enabling 360 degree risk profiling
23Leap247 Finnovations Private Limited- Data Categorisation & Enrichment
- Wealth & Net worth Insights
- KYC & Account Check
- Income Estimation & Employment Validation
- Credit-worthiness & Risk
- Liquidity & Solvency
- Collections & Loan Monitoring
- Fraud & EWS
- Financial Health & Discipline
- Experience & Engagement via PFM SDK & APIs

Ms. Ashwini Patil-Sachdeo
+91 9665512511
- Multibureau
- Business Rule Engine
- Lead Management System
- Data Science /AI & ML Capabilities
- Score Cards (Geography, New to Credit, Migrant Worker, Geo Fencing)
28Perfios Software Solutions

Vinay Sathyanarayana
- Data Aggregation and Analytics Platform: BSA, GST, FSA, Tax, Verification Solutions
- Cross Analysis and Fraud Analytics
- Lending Solutions: Retail, SME
- E2E Consumer lending Lifecycle: P2P lending, Customer on-boarding, Invoice Discounting
- Personal Finance Manager SDK
29Ignosis (Formerly Pirimid Fintech)

Mohit Nebhnani
- Transaction analysis
- Credit Scoring & Underwriting
- Early Warning System
- GST Analysis

Ron Sebastian
- Bank Statement Analysis
- GST Analysis
- ITR Analysis
- Fraud Analytics
- Alternate data based underwriting

Mr. Paryul Jain
+91 8209181349
- GST Analytics
- Bank Statement Analytics
- ITR Analytics
- Digital Onboarding
- Alternate data underwriting
- KYC/KYB Solutions
- Due Diligence and Identity and Fraud detection
35 TransUnion Software Services Pvt. Ltd.

Sounak Sinharay
- Data Science and Analytics
- Credit Scores
- Credit Underwriting Models
- Credit + Non-Credit Underwriting Models - Integrated scorecards based on credit as well as non-credit data like GST, Bank Statement
- GST Analysis
- Bank Statement Analyser
- Business Rule Engine
- Portfolio monitoring
- Risk Monitoring / Early warning signals – Credit, Fraud
- Business Growth Opportunity Analysis
- Fraud Analytics
- Collections Analytics
36Vayana Network- Vayana Good Business Score for realtime MSME risk assessment
- Digital Supply Chain Financing Stack
- Advanced GST Analytics for Network Discovery
- Vayana Tap: MSME payments solution
- India's largest GST Suvidha Provider
- E-Invoice and InvoiceXchange Stack
37WonderLend Hubs- GST Analysis
- SB Bank Statement
- Current Account Statement
- Credit Report
- Highly Customizable (by client users) credit scoring and UW engine
40iSolve Technologies Pvt Ltd

Mr.Adithya Vikram Singh ( West, North & East India)

Mr.Anand ( South India)
+91 78240 78240
- Bank Statement Analyzer
- Financial Statements Analyzer
- Comprehensive Cersai KYC Platform
- End to End digital customer onboarding, using through Aadhaar, PAN, Driving License, Passport, Ration Card
- CKYC search and download
- AI / ML based Aadhaar Masking
- Exclusive Video KYC onboarding platform
- In-built ReKYC Flow
- KYC / ITR / GST Analyzer
- Credit Report Analyzer
- Pay Slips Analyzer
- 360 Risk Assessment with Reconciliation
- AI/ML enabled Document Data Extraction
- Anti-Money Laundering Solution
- Plug and play AI /analytic platform
- Data Categorisation & Enrichment
- Early Warning, Risk Monitoring
- Analytics driven -Customer segmentation for Debt Collection
- Transaction Analysis
- Cross-domain data sourcing, processing and presentation
- Verification, Assessment, Monitoring & Advisory solutions for Lenders, Wealth, PFM and FinTechs
- Risk Intelligence and Profiling
- API-based data aggregation
Online PSB Loans

Mr. Kavan Mankad
+91 9687223667
Bank Statement analyser
Capital Quant Solutions Pvt Ltd

Mr. Pravin Lal
+91 9717004027
FinStinct works on bank account statements, Financial results of companies, News and KYC document reconciliation with PoI and PoA.
Indus Net Technologies Private Limited

Mr. Debopam Majilya
Bank Statement Analyzer,

Payslip Analyzer
Protean eGov Technologies Ltd.

Mr. Rahul Agarwal
+91 9769742292
Advanced analytics for enabling innovative services/ product
Finments Tech Private Limited

Ms. Deepthi M
+91 9538810239
1. Smart analytics: Bank statement, GST, PF, Investments analyser

2. Customer Profiling: Credit scoring, personalised leads engine & early warning system

3. Dashboard & Intuitive UX
FinTech Products and Solutions India Private Limited (Moneyone)

A Krishna Prasad
Data Analytics for AA ecosystem
Artivatic Data Labs Private Limited

Mr. Layak Singh
+91 9557162244
Data Analytics for AA ecosystem
Think Analytics India Pvt Ltd

Mr. Pravin Mohare
+91 8779798844

Mr. Ameya Chousalkar
AAmaze bank statement analyzer for AA
TransUnion CIBIL Limited

Yadavanand Das
Credit Scores – Customized Credit Underwriting Models

– Customer onboarding journeys –

- Customer segmentation –

- Alternate data based score cards

- Portfolio monitoring

- Early warning signals based on credit information and alternate data

- Fraud Analytics – Collections Analytics

- Customer Targeting

- Transaction Analysis

- Multibureau connectors

- Custom Analytics
Electronic Payment and Services Private Limited

Pughal Sriram
+91-79747- 47692
Data Analytics for AA ecosystem
Litefin Solutions Private Limited

Jagan Rao
- Bank Statement Analysis
- Financial Statement Analysis
- Income & Expense Categorisation
- Data Science and Analytics
- AI/ML based personalized recommendations for income growth and expense reduction
- Helping Banks & Financial Institutions in revenue growth, with targeted based recommendations to their customers
- Customer Segmentation & Targeting
- Targeted marketing campaigns
- GST Analysis
- ITR Analysis
Artivatic Data Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Layak Singh
+91 95571-62244
- Underwriting Management System

- Lead Management System
Finboost Software Private Limited

Mr. Prashant Paliwal
+91 99800-99225
Platform to analyse and score AA data for FIUs
Transbnk Solutions Private Limited

Mr. Sachin Gupta
+91 78387-17181
We will act as TSP for the lender and help in integration for the AA system followed by generation of detailed insights into transaction patterns
Finsire Technologies Private Limited

Mr. Mridul Manhas
+91 99624-91614
Finsire builds use-cases to augment the Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) development across various asset classes. The technology rails aggregate various identification and verification tools to enable easy retrieval of user\’s assets. The company builds platforms and APIs for Lenders, Fintechs, Asset originators and Brokers to create meaningful use cases in areas of credit scoring, secured credit availing, financing purchases and more.
Novel Patterns Private Limited Limited

Mr. Ashutosh Singh
+91 91935-3495709
Providing FIU/FIP modules with one stop Client Onboarding on AA with Analytics from AA data.
Moshpit Technologies Private Limited (Finbox)

Mr. Rajat Deshpande
+91 78924-17358
Digital credit infrastructure and risk intelligence suite that helps you launch and scale new-age credit products. Without any heavy-lifting
Genesis Artificial Intelligence Private Limited (

Mr. Purav Parekh
+91 98251-79925
-Bank Statement Analyzer
-Financial Statements Analyzer
-Invoice Processing
-ITR/GST Analyzer
-Credit Report Analyzer
-Pay Slips Analyzer
-360 Risk Assessment with Reconciliation
Lithasa Technologies Private Limited

Mr. Deekshith Marla
+91 91675 56712
Analysis and comprehensive reports on bank statements and transaction details
Silence Laboratories Pte. Ltd.

Dr. Jay Prakash
+65 84528729
We offer libraries based on Multi-Party Computation (MPC), which allows for privacy preserving data collaboration and computation. Sensitive information across different sources can be securely processed and analysed without exposing the data to other parties or having the risk of data breaches

Mr. Shailesh Deshpande
+91 9545023000
- LSP APP Design & Build (eg: IPPB)
- Scoring Models for Retail & SME
Juspay Technologies Private Limited

Mr. Ankan Sengupta
+91 8777547143
- Credit experience design.
- Credit analytics and orchestration. - Business rule engine, score cards and underwriting.
- Lending solutions: consumer credit,
- SME credit.
Bluevine Technologies Private Limited

Mr. Sandeep
+91 9886085438
Delivering end-to-end automated solutions that generate insights, intelligence and value for our clients.

Mr. Sandeep
+91 9886085438
Automated Solution that generates insight, intelligence and value for our clients.
Cashfree Payments

Mr. Varun Goradia
+91 8770422515
- Fraud Detection,
- Risk Analysis,
- KYC based Identity Verification,
- Bank Statement Analysis
SurePass Technologies

Mr. Abhishek Kumar
+91 8571967928
- KYC & KYB Solutions
- Workflow automation
- Video-enabled KYC/Customer Engagement
- Customer Onboarding
- Anti-Money Laundering Solution
- No code platform for seamless entity onboarding
- Income Estimation & Employment Validation
- CKYC search and download
- End to End digital customer onboarding, using through Aadhaar, PAN, Driving License, Passport, Ration Card
- Verification, Assessment, Monitoring & Advisory solutions for Lenders, Wealth, PFM and FinTechs
Techbulls Softtech Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Sumit Teke
+91 9975709032
- Transaction Categorisation
- Income Verification
- Expense Analysis
- Account Access Verification
- Account Holder Verification
- Affordability check
- Account Aggregation
Handy Online Solutions Private Limited

Mr. Piyush Peshwani
+91 8800955266
To provide an analytical layer to classify FI data in various categories.

We already provide KYC and other authentication services to banks and fintech.
Finfactor Technologies Private Limited

Mr. Manoj Alandkar
+91 98222 89017
Platform for Financial Information Users (FIU) and Financial Information Providers (FIP).to integrate into the AA ecosystem. Built-in APIs. Auto-routing of request to any AA. Insights into customer data and more
Edgeverve Systems Limited (infosys)

Mr. Manish Jain
+91 98867 69023
Data Analytics for AA ecosystem
Niti AI

Mr. Hari Subramanian
+91 91083 13377
We enable hyper-personalized UI/UX for AA including consent, data sharing, and user experiences and associated data analytics capabilities to power the UI/UX (like PFM/BFM)
Slamdunk Services Private Limited

Mr. Shubham Arora
+91 981080 0850
Insights, analytics, data enhancements, proprietary software technology, embedded solutions, open finance requirements, financial checks & wellness, dynamic embedded UI UX, risk, fraud, credit underwriting using AI leveraging the AA rails to extend credit.
Aurorax Private Limited (BharatX)

Mr. Mehul Nath Jindal
+91 88262 68273
Embedded/White-labelled Credit Products such as Buy Now Pay Later, Credit Khata/Postpaid, Consumer Durable EMIs, Personal Loans, Underwriting Support, Lead Generation, Data Processing, Alternate Data Services, intelligence for Collection support, Credit disbursal tools
Timble Technologies Pvt Ltd

Mr. Dhananjay Goel
+91 9818774733
Digital ID Authentication

Photo Match Recognition
Disclaimer: This is a comprehensive list of Sahamati’s member Technology Service Providers that implement the AA data analytics. Sahamati has empanelled only Certifiers. We encourage you to do independent due diligence before onboarding any of the TSP.