Financial Information Users use the Account Aggregator framework to acquire data of the customer with their consent. While the FIP-FIU TSPs are providing the FIP-FIU modules, there are various other services that are required to make full use of the data received from the Account Aggregator digital public rails. Data Analytics Technical service providers (TSPs) provide the following services to the AA ecosystem,

  1. Underwriting models
  2. SME scorecards
  3. Early Warning Monitors for lending and wealth management
  4. Lead Management System

Sahamati doesn’t endorse any products or services of any entity, including that of TSPs.

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Sl NoCompany NameServices
1Authbridge Research Services Private Limited

Siddhartha Dutta
- Workflow automation and loan journey
- Alternate data based Underwriting
- Early warning signals
Cashfree Payments India Private Limited

Varun Goradia
- Credit Scores
- Fraud Analytics
- Risk Monitoring
- Customer onboarding journeys
- Custom Analytics
- AI/ML enabled Document Data Extraction
- No code platform for seamless entity onboarding
2Clayfin Technologies Private Limited

+91-98844 08733
- Cash Forecasting and Cash Flow Analysis
- Recommendation for Spends / Earnings potential
- Prediction for future transaction patterns
- Providing Anonymous Aggregation for smart comparison with like minded segment of people
- Providing RFM Analysis and helping banks to rate their customers based on app usage
- Rich dashboards to banks to understand competition and behavioural patterns in the ecosystem
3Cygnet Infotech Private Limited

Rahul Bohra
- GST Analysis
- Bank Statement Analysis
- ITR Analysis
- Financial Statement Analysis
- Credit Card Statement Analysis
- Pay Slip analysis
- Credit Underwriting Model
- GST Return Compliance Score: Early Warning Indicator for NTC customers
- Credit Decisioning and Monitoring Platform
- Invoice Verification for Trade
- Cross analysis based on GST, ITR and Bank statement
- Early warning based on GST and Bank statement
Conneqt Business Solutions Limited

Shailesh Singh
- Digital Customer Onboarding
- New-age Loan Origination System
- Multi-user logins
- System Integration
- Lending Operations Outsourcing
- Automated Credit Assessment
- Loan Disbursement Management
- Bank Reconciliation
- Collections Management
- Customer Life Cycle and Call Centre
- Insurance Operations Management

Varun Kapoor
- Early Warning Engine for Debt Collections using alternate data
- Bounce Alert Reports using alternate data
- Dynamic Collection Scores using Alternate data and CRM data
- ML Driven Personalized Collection Treatment Recommendation
- NLP Driven Digital Collection Communication Analytics
- Collection Call centre Analytics - Speech Analytics
- Collection Disposition Analytics
- Collection Settlement Recommendation Engine
- Digital Collection Execution
5D2K Technologies India Private Limited

Supriya Shidgane
- Underwriting,
- Early warning signals
- Bank statement & GST analysis
- Credit report analysis

Nageen Kommu
- Analytics for automated credit underwriting
- Fraud detection specifically, identity fraud and document fraud
- User profiling

Rajendra Awasthi
+91 9941181000
-No-code customer onboarding platform for individual, business entities
-End-2-End No-code digital lending platform for Retail, SME and Corporate Loan products
-No-code Business Rule Engine (BRE)
-Pre-build Credit Underwriting Models for Retail and SME lending products
-Bank Statement Analyzer
-GST Analyzer and insight generation
-ITR Analyzer and insight generation
-Bureau Report Analyzer
-Video KYC
-No-code data analytics platform
-Collections Analytics
Analytics driven -Customer segmentation for Debt Collection
-“E-Score” for Underwriting System using analytics of debt collection data
“-C-Score” for Early Warning System using analytics of debt collection data
8Equifax Credit Information Services Private Limited

Siddharth shetty
- Credit Scores
- Credit Underwriting Models
- Customized Credit Underwriting Models based on Credit information as well as alternate data
- Portfolio monitoring
- Risk Monitoring
- Fraud Analytics
- Collections Analytics
- Data Science and Analytics
- Transaction Analysis
- Custom Analytics & Insights
- Business Rule Engine
-Early warning signals – Credit
- Multibureau connectors
- Customer onboarding journeys
9Experian Services India Private Limited- Credit Scores
- Customized Credit Underwriting Models based on Credit information as well as alternate data
- Business Rule Engine
- Customer onboarding journeys
- Customer segmentation
- Alternate data based score cards
- Portfolio monitoring
- Early warning signals – based on credit information and alternate data
- Fraud Analytics
- Collections Analytics
- Customer Targeting
- Transaction Analysis
- Multibureau connectors
- Custom Analytics
10Finacus Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Ashwin Ayyappan
- Bank Statement Analyser
- AI/ML enabled Document Data Extraction
- Video enabled KYC/Customer Engagement
- Customer Onboarding
- Anti-Money Laundering Solution
- Credit Rating for Loans & Advances
- Deposit & CASA Analysis
- Customer Segmentation & Targeting
- Loan Journey Monitoring
- Analytics of Reports from Enterprise Systems
11Finarkein Analytics- Consumer Information Platform for Regulated BFSI companies
- Cross-domain data sourcing, processing and presentation
- Single source of authentic financial and non-financial Consumer Information
- Insurance Sales, Underwriting, Service and Claims solutions
- Verification, Assessment, Monitoring & Advisory solutions for Lenders, Wealth, PFM and FinTechs
- low/no code integration solutions with simplest interfaces and high degree of customization flexibility
- Build-your-own option with process flow orchestration and query layer Advanced Credit Analytics

Avilasha Satpathy
- Embedded finance infrastructure
- Workflow automation and loan journey SDKs
- Risk Intelligence Platform
- Alternate data based Underwriting
- Bank statement analytics
14Finezza- Bank Statement Analyzer
- Credit Bureau Data Analysis
15Fintify Hive

Javed Memon
- Transaction Analysis
- Data Enrichment and merchant preference analysis
- Multi-currency account aggregation and data enrichment (Open Banking) Bank Statement Analyzer
- Financial Statements Analyzer
- Invoice Processing
- ITR/GST Analyzer
- Credit Report Analyzer
- Pay Slips Analyzer
- 360 Risk Assessment with Reconciliation

Yash Semwal
- A Self Configuring, Self Healing Bank Statement Analysis System based on AI/ML
- Rich Sentiment Analysis for News/Blogs and Social Media footprint of Companies
- End to End Field Staff Management Solution for Document Collection, KYC, Investigation, Collections and Recovery.
- Business Rules Engine (BRE)

Anusha Malani
+91 99209 97096
- No code platform for seamless entity onboarding
- Customer & Entity Due Diligence through KYC & KYB checks
- Identification document tampering checks
- Video services for enabling KYC & lending due diligence
- Risk estimation through email ID & mobile number checks
- Income Verification through multiple checks
- Income estimation (Bank stmt analysis, alternative data analysis)
- Background checks enabling 360 degree risk profiling

Shailesh Deshpande
+91 9545023000
-Customer Onboarding
-Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)
-Digital Loan Origination System
-Loan Management System
-Collections -Management
-API-based data aggregation
-Business Rule Engine
-Credit & Risk Scorecards
-Credit Workflow Automation
-SME Score for Business Health check
-Integrated FCC stack (KYC, Risk, Screening, AML, Fraud)

Archit Mishra
- Business Rule Engine
- Alternate data based customer segmentation & credit underwriting
- Risk Monitoring
- Workflow Automation
- Fraud Analytics
- Collection Analytics & Early Warning Signals
21Karza Technologies- GST Analysis
- SB Bank Statement
- Current Account Statement
- Credit Report
- Application Risk Scoring
- ITR Analytics (Income Tax)
- Automated Credit Appraisal Memorandum
23Leap247 Finnovations Private Limited- Data Categorisation & Enrichment
- Wealth & Net worth Insights
- KYC & Account Check
- Income Estimation & Employment Validation
- Credit-worthiness & Risk
- Liquidity & Solvency
- Collections & Loan Monitoring
- Fraud & EWS
- Financial Health & Discipline
- Experience & Engagement via PFM SDK & APIs
24Lentra- Multibureau
- Business Rule Engine
- Lead Management System
- Data Science /AI & ML Capabilities
- Score Cards (Geography, New to Credit, Migrant Worker, Geo Fencing)
Litefin Solutions Private Limited

Jagannadha Rao
- LiteFin is a Personal Finance Management Solutions Provider
- Using the cloud platform solution, we acquire and aggregate Banking, Investment, Credit Card, and Loan data.
- We auto-categorize the data, analyze income, and expense trends.
- Financial Statement Analysis
- Use our Analytics engine to provide Personalized Recommendations and Predictions, which help users to engage in superior Financial Management
- AI/ML based Insights
Loantap financial technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Gautam Sinha
- AI driven credit underwriting
- Financial analysis using AI
- Colending marketplace/platform
- Data driven customer propensity and offerings
- AI driven risk assessment default propensity
- Risk monitoring/Early worn/Fraud detection
- Customized souring flow for lending
- Skip tracking and collection bucket prediction
- Credit scores and Straight through approval and rejection
- Digital LOS/LMS/Data enrichment
- KYC/GST/ITR analysis for MSME
- Financial statement analyzer
- Plug and play AI /analytic platform
- AI based eligibility engine
- Multiple product supported souring and origination system
25Novel Patterns

Anish Kumar
- Data Aggregation & Analytics
i. Bank Statements
ii. ITR
iii. GST
iv. Credit Cards
v. Credit Bureau
vi. Financial Statements
vii. Payslips
- Alternative Data-Driven Underwriting
- Automated Credit Assessment
- AI & ML based Data insights
- Anomaly-based Fraud detection
- Automated CAM generation and Eligibility Calculators
- Scorecards and STP Processes
- Limit Utilization monitoring
- Customer Onboarding
- Video Engagement platform (KYC, PD, Customer Servicing)
- Early Warning
- Risk Monitoring

Harshit Vaishnav
- Customizable LOS (Loan Origination System) for fintechs, NBFCs, SFBs etc
- Customizable LMS (Loan Management System) with accounting module & co-lending support
- API suite for embedded lending, partnership based lending
- Fully configurable BRE with dynamic policies
- Bank statement analysis, credit bureau integrations (retail & business), EPFO integration, GST analytics etc.
- Custom scorecards
- End to end collection management system
- Sales app, Field agent app, Collection agent apps
- End to end automation related to eNach, UPI, payment gateway etc
27Pegadroid IQ Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Saurabh Tiwari
Fintech SaaS For Alternative Credit Modeling
- Data-Driven Predictive Analytics
- Data pre-filing
- No Code Digital Onboarding
- Customer Journey Builder
- eKYC
- Video Based In-Person Verification
- Risk Assessment
- e-Signing
- Background Checks

Vinay Sathyanarayana
- Data Aggregation and Analytics Platform: BSA, GST, FSA, Tax, Verification Solutions
- Cross Analysis and Fraud Analytics
- Lending Solutions: Retail, SME
- E2E Consumer lending Lifecycle: P2P lending, Customer on-boarding, Invoice Discounting
- Personal Finance Manager SDK
29Pirimid Fintech

Mohit Nebhnani
- Transaction analysis
- Credit Scoring & Underwriting
- Early Warning System
- GST Analysis

Vijayanand MP
- Underwriting
- Early warning signals
- GST analysis & more

Ron Sebastian
- Bank Statement Analysis
- GST Analysis
- ITR Analysis
- Fraud Analytics
- Alternate data based underwriting
31Scienaptic AI- E2E Business Rule Engine for Consumer, SME
- Pre-built, pre-tested Credit Underwriting Models
- Early Warning Signals (EWS)
- Bank Statement & GST Analysis
- Automatic AI/ML Model Builder
32Signzy- Onboarding
- Credit Decisioning support
- Early Warning
- Risk Monitoring
33Synergylabs Technology

Rahul Leekha
- Data Science / AI & ML specialists
- Credit Analytics
- Workflow automation
- Credit Risk Scoring
- Transaction, Risk and Fraud detection
- Early Warning System
- GST analysis
- Bank Statement analysis
34Think360 - Algo360- Bank Statement Analyzer
- Financial Statement Analyzer
- GST Analysis
- Personal Finance Management SDK
- Portfolio monitoring
- AI ML enabled Data Parser
- Risk and Affluence Scoring
- Customer Segmentation
- Early Warning Signals
- Fraud Analytics
- Risk Intelligence
- Alternate data based Risk Scoring
35 TransUnion Software Services Pvt. Ltd.

Sounak Sinharay
- Data Science and Analytics
- Credit Scores
- Credit Underwriting Models
- Credit + Non-Credit Underwriting Models - Integrated scorecards based on credit as well as non-credit data like GST, Bank Statement
- GST Analysis
- Bank Statement Analyser
- Business Rule Engine
- Portfolio monitoring
- Risk Monitoring / Early warning signals – Credit, Fraud
- Business Growth Opportunity Analysis
- Fraud Analytics
- Collections Analytics
36Vayana Network- Vayana Good Business Score for realtime MSME risk assessment
- Digital Supply Chain Financing Stack
- Advanced GST Analytics for Network Discovery
- Vayana Tap: MSME payments solution
- India's largest GST Suvidha Provider
- E-Invoice and InvoiceXchange Stack
37WonderLend Hubs- GST Analysis
- SB Bank Statement
- Current Account Statement
- Credit Report
- Highly Customizable (by client users) credit scoring and UW engine
38xlrt- Automated analysis of financial transactional data
39Zapfin Teknologies Pvt. Ltd.

Prashant Kumar, Co-Founder
- Platform for Customer on-boarding fulfilment
- Customer on-boarding APIs
- Fraud detection specialisation in identity fraud and document fraud
- Data driven customer propensity and offerings
- AI driven risk assessment default propensity
- Risk monitoring/Early warning/Fraud detection
- On-field data driven fraud analysis
- Skip tracing and collection bucket prediction
- Credit scores analytics
- KYC/GST/ITR analysis for MSME
- Financial statement analyser
- Plug and play Debt recovery & settlement platform
40iSolve Technologies Pvt Ltd

Mr.Adithya Vikram Singh ( West, North & East India)

Mr.Anand ( South India)
+91 78240 78240
- Bank Statement Analyzer
- Financial Statements Analyzer
- Comprehensive Cersai KYC Platform
- End to End digital customer onboarding, using through Aadhar, PAN, Driving License, Passport, Ration Card
- CKYC search and download
- AI / ML based Aadhar Masking
- Exclusive Video KYC onboarding platform
- In-built ReKYC Flow
- KYC / ITR / GST Analyzer
- Credit Report Analyzer
- Pay Slips Analyzer
- 360 Risk Assessment with Reconciliation
- AI/ML enabled Document Data Extraction
- Anti-Money Laundering Solution
- Plug and play AI /analytic platform
- Data Categorisation & Enrichment
- Early Warning, Risk Monitoring
- Analytics driven -Customer segmentation for Debt Collection
- Transaction Analysis
- Cross-domain data sourcing, processing and presentation
- Verification, Assessment, Monitoring & Advisory solutions for Lenders, Wealth, PFM and FinTechs
- Risk Intelligence and Profiling
- API-based data aggregation
Online PSB Loans

Mr. Kavan Mankad
+91 9687223667
Bank Statement analyser
Capital Quant Solutions Pvt Ltd

Mr. Pravin Lal
+91 9717004027
FinStinct works on bank account statements, Financial results of companies, News and KYC document reconciliation with PoI and PoA.