Sahamati Support Portal #Session 2 - Strengthening AA Support System

15 Nov 2022

Following up with the Support Portal launch in October 2022, Sahamati Support Team conducted its 2nd webinar on “Strengthening AA Support System”. The event was attended by more than 35 participants virtually with equal attendance from FIUs, and FIPs. The team discussed the key root causes of consent transaction failures that were listed on Support Portal by the FIUs, the complaint type and resolution reached in most common root causes. Age of the open tickets, time taken to resolve tickets and the need to follow common SLAs agreed upon by all participants was addressed in the discussion.

Session also included a brief demo of the changes introduced on the Support Portal and update to the reminder policy on open tickets.

Group agreed to work towards implementation of measurement and transparency of current FIP service levels and setting up of SLA Working Group for continuous improvements in December 2022.

Currently, support portal services are available only for live participants. If you are an FIU which is live on AA, and want access to Sahamati Support Portal, please write to us at with the subject line “Access to Support Portal”.