Representing the AA Ecosystem in Industry Events!

17 Apr 2024

Sahamati, as the industry alliance for the Account Aggregator (AA) ecosystem, is at the forefront of championing the AA framework. We actively participate and engage in various industry events to advocate, educate, and raise awareness about its transformative potential.

During the Fintech Festival India 2024, Sahamati contributed to a panel discussion on Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI), shedding light on the pivotal role of AAs in enabling consent-based data-sharing. Additionally, at the Startup Mahakumbh 2024, Sahamati represented the AA ecosystem, highlighting its significance for India’s financial landscape.

These sessions and discussions centered on the immense potential of consent-driven data-sharing facilitated by AAs for individuals & MSMEs, as well as the financial services industry at large. Sahamati aims to spread awareness of the potential of AAs for ushering in financial inclusion in India across access, usage, and quality of financial services.

Furthermore, Sahamati elucidated how AAs can catalyze the expansion of the financial services market in India. Through enhanced operational efficiency, heightened conversion rates, reduced risks, and fostering innovation, AAs emerge as catalysts for driving growth and market expansion for the financial sector.

By actively participating in these events, Sahamati continues to champion the cause of AAs, advocating for a more inclusive and innovative financial ecosystem in India.