Blog Ecosystem Map

Account Aggregator Ecosystem Map - March 2024

21 May 2024

Role of Loan Service Providers in Account Aggregator Ecosystem

23 Apr 2024
International Open Finance Blog

Open Finance Roundtable - World Bank Spring Meetings 2024

22 Apr 2024
Industry Events Blog

Representing the AA Ecosystem in Industry Events!

17 Apr 2024
International Blog

Interaction with the Bank of Thailand (BOT) on Trust Management Infrastructure

17 Apr 2024
Anti-Fraud Blog

Formation of the AA Fraud Prevention Working Group

17 Apr 2024

Inauguration of Sahamati Bengaluru Office

10 Apr 2024
Blog AA Ecosystem Map

Account Aggregator Ecosystem Map - December 2023

29 Feb 2024

Additional Identifiers for Account Discovery in the Account Aggregator Framework

14 Dec 2023

 PFRDA Allows only POPs as FIUs in the AA Ecosystem

14 Dec 2023