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19 Dec 2022
Sahamati Newsletter

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From the CEO’s desk

The month of November witnessed some key developments in the AA ecosystem! RBI notified that GSTN would be a Financial Information Provider. This will further strengthen cash-flow based lending for the credit starved MSME sector.

During the month, we crossed 2.5 million data transfers which translates to ~55% month on month growth. While we witnessed AA adoption picking up pace across Banking, Insurance and other sectors, Live FIPs were actively working on interoperability by integrating with all operating account aggregators to meet the demand. Cross sectoral use cases, and increased enablement by AAs/FIPs is expected to further boost data transfers in the next five years.

Such insights into Growth and Evolution of AA were discussed in detail in Sahamati’s first whitepaper published during the month. Sahamati Support Portal, which was launched in October, also received good traction during the month enabling healthy collaboration among participants.

Citizen Adoption


2.65 million
consent requests fulfilled across FIUs

2.67 million
accounts linked across FIPs

View the usage dashboard here


93 AAs/FIPs/FIUs live on
AA network


50 FIPs/FIUs testing or

data as on 30 November 2022, for more details on all AA Participants, click here

Industry alliance updates

Dot Generating Awareness and Advocacy Dot

Whitepaper on Expected Evolution of Account Aggregator Ecosystem 2023-2027

Sahamati’s Head of Strategy Ms. Shalini Gupta, published a whitepaper on the outlook of the Account Aggregator framework over the next 5 years. The paper discusses in detail the current landscape of the ecosystem, prevailing trends and expected evolution and its catalysts thereof. The paper also extrapolates the AA transactions based on various use cases for banking statements, and provides insights into evolving data governance framework in India.

To download your copy, click here

Panel Discussion on Account Aggregator / OCEN at Bengaluru Tech Summit 2022

Sahamati participated in a panel discussion in the 25th edition of Bengaluru Tech Summit 2022 organized by the Dept. of Electronics, IT, Bt and S&T, Govt. of Karnataka, on 18th November 2022 at the iconic Bangalore Palace. B.G. Mahesh was invited to be a Panelist at the session ‘Digital Public Goods’ on the Topic: ‘Breakthroughs in DPG implementations’

To view more details, click here


Dot Fostering Self-regulation and Collaboration Dot

Sahamati published Account Aggregator Ecosystem Dashboards

To increase transparency, provide visibility and enable performance tracking, Sahamati has published Account Aggregator Dashboards for each of the live-participants in the ecosystem. Each FI has access to its daily consent count and average response time to appraise its own performance. The graphs are refreshed each day to show cumulative count of accounts linked and consent request fulfilled. Industry wide dashboard has been made publicly available on our website for the benefit of all participants and citizens.

Live consolidated dashboard can be viewed here

Sahamati hosted 2nd Support Portal session: Strengthening AA Support System

As a follow-up to Support Portal launch in October 2022, Sahamati Support team conducted its 2nd webinar themed “Strengthening AA Support System” on November 25, 2022. The event was attended by more than 35 FIs participants virtually with a balanced representation from FIUs, and FIPs. The cohort discussed key root causes of consent transaction or data failures as listed on Support Portal by the FIUs, common complaint types and resolution achieved.

To view more details, click here

Sahamati Initiatives

DotProviding foundational servicesDot

Dot Technical Infrastructure

Central registry | Token Service

400+ UAT Central Registry Entries

150+ Prod Central Registry Entries

View details on Github here

Dot Legal framework

Multi-partite Participation Terms | Dispute Resolution Framework*

85 signatories to Participation Terms

* Dispute Resolution Framework – Work-in-progress

View list of signatories to common Terms here

DotPromoting interoperabilityDot

Dot AA Uniform Code of Conduct

7 Working Groups

25 Topics Deliberated

120 Common Guidelines

View AA Uniform Code of Conduct here

Dot Certification Framework

3 empaneled certifiers

10 intermediate certified TSPs

120 certified AAs/FIPs/FIUs

View details here

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