Empowering Indians with their Data for a Better Financial Future

Sahamati is powering harmonious adoption of the Account Aggregator framework to
create better value and innovative services for every Indian through secure exchange
of financial data.

Signatories to Sahamati Participation Terms


Pramod Rao

Group General Counsel, ICICI Bank
Member, Sahamati Advisory Council

“Sahamati represents an opportunity to ensure parity in dealings for the financial consumers and among the three key ecosystem participants. It underpins the framework of required principles of interoperability, interdependency and reciprocity for delivering consent based data transmission, with mechanisms should any role encounter any differences among the financial consumers and the participants. Sahamati is essential for creating a healthy AA ecosystem. Frankly, if Sahamati didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it!”

Sahamati is Building Digital Commons

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Account Aggregator Reduces Financial Fraud By 45 Per Cent: Report

AA Ecosystem Participants

Each participant of the account aggregator network enables easy and secure exchange of data for the customer’s benefit.


Better Control to Deliver Better Value

The Account Aggregator framework is India’s entry into the world of open banking. This RBI approved initiative provides limitless opportunities to deliver better value and create innovative services for customers.

  • User-controlled data sharing
  • Unified consent management
  • Frictionless, secure means to move data
  • Real time access to user’s data

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Account Aggregator Reduces Financial Fraud By 45 Per Cent: Report

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