AA Masterclass: Consumer Fintech and the Impact of Account Aggregators

26 Jul 2020

A masterclass Kunal Shah (Founder – Cred, Freecharge) and Sumit Gwalani (Co-founder – Epifi) on building successful consumer fintech apps and the market potential of Account Aggregators.

The session covered a number of exciting topics including:

  • how the account aggregators help to foster consumer protection and the need for a data democracy in India
  • how Indian entrepreneurs should capitalise on this opportunity
  • the need for platform-based thinking of building products in India
  • opportunities unlocked for the private sector by public digital infrastructure
  • keeping your users at the centre of any innovation
  • pain points solved by account aggregators
  • key milestones for AA’s to be successful in India
  • opportunities to use data in and outside the domain of financial services
  • how consented access to data can improve existing products and solutions
  • why consumer fintech apps should focus on solving specific problems