Sahamati at BIS Innovation Summit 2023

20 Apr 2023

In March 2023, Siddharth Shetty, Co-founder of Sahamati, was invited to speak at Innovation Summit 2023 alongside Dawn Song, Professor, UC Berkeley Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The event was hosted by Bank of International Settlements (BIS) as part of their two day annual event held at Basel, Switzerland. BIS is an international financial institution, owned by 63 central banks, established for international monetary financial cooperation and serves as bank for central banks.

The session held on Day 2 of the event, discussed about “Identity and financial services: can technology mitigate the trade-offs between KYC and privacy?”

The session focused on new technologies that provide users newer ways of addressing the issues of customer privacy, higher customer onboarding costs for financial institution in meeting their KYC regulations. Speakers discussed both centralized and decentralized ways of handling such issues. Siddharth spoke on Digital Public Infrastructure and the various aspects of decentralization across digital identity, payments, and data sharing.

Click here to watch the discussion on YouTube.