Announcing the Sahamati Ecosystem Grants Framework

14 Sep 2022

The Account Aggregator ecosystem recently hit 1.1 Billion accounts live and over 1.4 Million consent-based data sharing transactions. This remarkable milestone has been achieved thanks to the efforts of financial institutions, and the support and leadership of the four financial sector regulators and the Ministry of Finance. 

Sahamati is a non-profit institution designed to facilitate cooperation across all financial institutions towards adoption of the Account Aggregator ecosystem in a manner that empowers individuals with control over their data. In an effort to scale up from 1 Billion accounts live to 1 Billion consented transactions, Sahamati is embarking on the next natural phase of its journey by creating a new grants framework that introduces a larger and more diversified group of donors. Additional resources will allow Sahamati’s operations to scale up in the provision of key shared services for the AA ecosystem, to ensure strong data governance measures, and to further strengthen the governance of Sahamati to make it more representative of financial institutions across the spectrum.

We are looking forward to the next chapter of this journey towards greater financial inclusion! Any individuals or entities keen to participate in the grants framework can reach out to