Sahamati At Industry Events

09 Oct 2023

Sahamati is an industry alliance for the Account Aggregator (AA) ecosystem in India, to usher in Open Banking and Open Finance in the country. It promotes awareness and participation among citizens and institutions, operates a robust grievance redressal framework, provides essential public infrastructure for interoperability, fosters transparency by publishing participation terms and codes of conduct, educates stakeholders on technical, legal, and business aspects, advocates for interoperability, security, and user experience standards, shares knowledge through research and whitepapers, and offers a platform for participants to collectively engage with policymakers, collectively embodying Sahamati’s commitment to a thriving, responsible AA ecosystem.

As part of the advocacy efforts by Sahamati to promote awareness and participation among citizens and institutions, it conducts, co-hosts, and participates in various industry events. These events aim to create awareness of the impact created by the AA framework. At the same time, these events enable the ecosystem to tap into the population-scale potential of AAs.

In this month, Sahamati participated in several such events like:

Global Fintech Festival 2023

During the Global Fintech Festival (GFF) in Mumbai this September, Sahamati hosted an engaging masterclass at GFF, shedding light on user consent journeys within the AAs. This session delved deep into design solutions aimed at reducing customer drop-offs. The dynamic question and answer session pointed towards the growing interest and importance of AAs in the evolving financial landscape in the country.

India InsurTech Association (IIA)

The India InsurTech Association (IIA) plays a pivotal role in driving the digital transformation of India’s insurance sector. Account aggregators (AAs) are a potential game-changer for the insurance industry in India. Facilitating cross-sectoral data flows, AAs empower insurers to craft personalized policies for individuals and businesses. Sahamati’s presentation at the IIA event highlighted the manifold advantages of leveraging the AA network, including the potential to eliminate fraud, cater to a broader segment of the Indian population with smaller ticket sizes, and ensure secure and scalable data sharing. This innovation promises to reshape the future of insurance in India.

Women’s World Banking India

Women’s World Banking India hosted its inaugural knowledge-sharing session for Network Members, with Sahamati as the distinguished presenter. The session’s focus was Account Aggregators (AAs) and their integration within India’s digital public infrastructure. The session outlined the diverse use cases and the significant value AAs bring to financial institutions and consumers. Furthermore, the session delved into the transformative impact of AAs on financial institutions, including financial decision systems & operational processes. Practical insights were shared through a FIGMA Demo and compelling case studies from institutions that have embraced AAs, complemented by dashboard views for a hands-on perspective. Lastly, interactive Q&A discussions enriched participants’ understanding of this game-changing technology.