Results of Sahamati Account Aggregator Hackathon 2020

10 Aug 2020

To celebrate the first anniversary of Sahamati, a 4-week long hackathon was held starting in July. A total of 85 teams were formed constituting of 372 members from 9 time zones!

We were expecting 20 decent projects. We underestimated the enthusiasm, we got 46 superb submissions! Our esteemed panel of judges shortlisted 10 projects for the final round.

Objectives of Hackathon

  1. Increase Awareness of AA ecosystem – Approximately 3,000 registered on Airmeet to watch the proceedings, 600 registered on our Slack channel to build a vibrant AA community
  2. Education through our 26 masterclasses by subject matter experts
  3. Innovation
  4. Build a Community of AA enthusiasts

About Hackathon Participants

Five Account Aggregator sandboxes were available to all participants.

  1. Students: From IITs to local engineering colleges
  2. Startups: From fledgeling companies to established fintech leaders like Capital Float, Kaleidofin, Paisa Bazaar
  3. Corporates: Giants like NSDL

The hackathon has resulted in the creation of at least 3 new companies!

The finals of the first hackathon were held on August 9, 2020. The results of the hackathon are as below,

Sl NoTeam NameProject NameElevator PitchUse Case
1AA-dhaarDarth VDR - Virtual Data RoomDarth VDR allows computations on private data through proprietary algorithms in isolated virtual data rooms of a regulated entity without exposing the data or the algorithms to the opposite party.Virtual Data Room
2Team AnonymousiConsentConsent Journey UI Toolkit enabling Accessible and Inclusive experiences for Indian user baseConsent Management
3Finarkein AnalyticsFluxVirtual Data Room with data processing and enrichment capability supported by simple Query layerVirtual Data Room
4Maks ConnectMaks PayInstant loans for MGNREGA Workers.Lending
5PaisaBazaarSmartMatchSolving Uncertainty in LendingLending

Special Interest Category Winners

1The Indecent GradientsKnoxA secure, Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) based virtual data room provider for the Account Aggregator FrameworkVirtual Data Room
2swartzAA-To-Allहाँ से AA तक (Haan Se AA Tak)Neobanking

We would like to thank Sequoia India, Perfios AA, Yodlee, Onemoney AA and LendingKart for sponsoring this hackathon.

We would also like to thank Devfolio and Airmeet for providing their platforms for conducting this hackathon.