PFRDA Allows only POPs as FIUs in the AA Ecosystem

14 Dec 2023

In a recent announcement, the Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority (PFRDA) has rolled out a pivotal circular, PFRDA/2023/32/REG-POP/07, heralding a significant transformation in the Account Aggregator (AA) ecosystem. The crux of this regulatory update lies in the exclusive authorization granted to Points of Presence (POPs) registered under the PFRDA (Points of Presence) Regulation, 2018, to function as Financial Information Users (FIUs) within the AA framework.

This strategic decision effectively bars any other intermediaries under the PFRDA’s jurisdiction from participating in the AA ecosystem as FIUs. The implications of this move extend far beyond regulatory adjustments, causing a paradigm shift in the operational dynamics of entities such as Retirement Advisors (RAs) under the PFRDA, particularly those who have been at the forefront of adopting the AA framework.

The exclusive participation eligibility for POPs as FIUs underlines the PFRDA’s commitment to fostering a secure and streamlined data-sharing environment within the financial sector. By confining this privilege to a specific category of intermediaries, the regulatory body aims to enhance control, ensure compliance, and fortify the integrity of the AA ecosystem.

PFRDA’s decision to restrict FIU participation to PFRDA-registered POPs reflects a nuanced understanding of the intricate interplay between technology, data security, and financial intermediation. It is a proactive step toward safeguarding sensitive financial information and maintaining the credibility of the AA ecosystem. In conclusion, PFRDA’s recent circular marks a milestone in the evolution of the Account Aggregator ecosystem, steering it toward a more controlled and regulated future.

Access the complete PFRDA circular here: