Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

ODR is a modern, technology-driven way of resolving disputes between parties. It leverages technology to provide an alternative to traditional court procedures through means of conciliation and arbitration in a time-bound, cost-effective, and convenient way.

Introducing Vikalp

Sahamati has empaneled multiple ODR institutions to conduct the dispute resolution process in a fast, confidential, transparent, neutral and legal way.

Vikalp, powered by Sahamati, facilitates resolution of AA-related disputes by providing a platform for network participants, their customers and the empaneled ODR institutions. Participation of network participants will ramp up in phases in the coming months.

When are consumers eligible to use ODR?

  • The complaint is related to the Account Aggregator Network
  • The consumer has reported the complaint to their Financial Institution
  • The consumer is not satisfied with the resolution provided to them
  • The complaint involves participants who are part of the Vikalp platform

Overview of the consumer journey

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Consumers will discover the option to file a dispute as part of the FIU or AA experience.

This ensures a documented case history with consumers.

The Vikalp page*, powered by Sahamati, will educate consumers about ODR.

Consumers can select an ODR of choice to proceed further.

Consumers will land on the ODR institution’s website which will create further awareness.

They will register and enter case details to file a dispute.

*Consumers can access the Vikalp page only using the FIU/AA app

A collaborative approach to launching ODR

  • FIUs and AAs to have 100% flexibility to design ODR discovery
  • Sahamati to partner closely with ODR institutions to set them up for success
  • ODR institutions to resolve issues between consumers and the network

How ODR works for the AA network

Key responsibilities of ODR institutions

  • ODR process to provide mediation/conciliation and arbitration as resolution options
  • ODR process should be conducted as per best practices and predefined SLAs
  • ODR institutions to ensure process and resource readiness

ODR Fees and Procedural Settlement

The monetary model is designed for ease of consumer adoption, network participation, and benefit of empaneled institutions
  • Fee structure to comprise of a conciliation fee and an arbitration fee
  • While these components of the fee structure will be uniform across ODR institutions, they price can vary as per their discretion
  • The procedural settlement – either as part of conciliation or arbitration – can include non-monetary solutions/relief to the concerned party/parties
  • Consumer-determined claim amount is not part of the initial scope

Conciliation settlement to be addressed by the concerned party/parties as per the decision


Arbitral award to be addressed by the judgement debtor(s) as per decision

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