This dashboard is designed to present information shared by Live FIUs, in a spirit of self-governance, about distinct consent templates (collection of consent parameters) employed in their AA journeys.
It is designed to promote transparency about the usage of the Account Aggregator framework, allowing financial information users (FIUs) to provide visibility into a) the purpose and collection of data, b) the consent parameters of recurring data fetch.  
This information is collected at the time of onboarding of FIUs to AA, and updated on a quarterly basis, as and when there is a new consent template being implemented by the FIUs.  These tables were last updated as of 4th October 2023.  
FIU-wise AA Consent Templates
The AA Consent Template table lists Distinct Consent templates used by Live FIUs, their license type as registered with the Regulators, the purpose for which AA-based consent is used, the ReBIT purpose code used, the types of data collected, the collection frequency and their data life. 
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Sl. no.Consent Template NumberFIU License TypeType of Data FetchUse Case CategoryPurpose CodeConsent TypeFI Types requestedMaximum Transaction History SoughtData LifeRemarks
11HFCOne-timeUnderwriting risk103Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT12 Months30 DaysNone
22HFCPeriodicLoan Monitoring104Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT1 Month30 DaysNone
44NBFC-ICCOne-timeUnderwriting risk103Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT6 Months1 YearNone
55Private Sector BankOne-timeUnderwriting risk103Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT12 Months0 DaysNone
66RIAPeriodicPFM102Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT1 Year2 YearsNone
77ICCOne-timeUnderwriting risk103TransactionsDEPOSIT185 Days1 MonthNone
1010Public Sector BankPeriodicPFM101Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT, TERM_DEPOSIT30 DaysTBANone
1111Public Sector BankOne-timeUnderwriting risk103Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT, TERM_DEPOSIT, RECURRING_DEPOSIT5 YearsTBANone
1212Private Insurance LifeOne-timeUnderwriting risk103Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT,SIP,EQUITIES,MUTUAL_FUNDS,INSURANCE_POLICIES6 Months1 DayNone
1313Private Insurance LifeOne-timeUnderwriting risk103Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT6 Months15 DaysNone
1515RIAPeriodicWealth Management101Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT,TERM_DEPOSIT,RECURRING_DEPOSIT12 Months1 DayNone
1616Private Sector BankOne-timeUnderwriting risk103Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT6 Months1 YearNone
1717NBFC-ICCOne-timeUnderwriting risk103Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT4 Months0 DaysNone
1818RIAPeriodicPFM102Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT1 Year15 DaysNone
19RIAPeriodicPFM102Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT9 Months3 YearsNone
20NBFC-ICCPeriodicUnderwriting risk104Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT,TERM_DEPOSIT,RECURRING_DEPOSIT6 Months2 YearsNone
21NBFC-ICCOne-timeUnderwriting risk103TransactionsDEPOSIT1 Year1 MonthNone
22NBFC-ICCPeriodicLoan Monitoring104TransactionsDEPOSIT1 Year1 YearNone
23Public Sector BankOne-timeUnderwriting risk103Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT7 Months10 YearsNone
24NBFC-DOne-timeUnderwriting risk103Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT12 Months30 DaysNone
25NBFC-DPeriodicLoan Monitoring104Profile, Summary, TransactionsDEPOSIT61 Days1 MonthNone
Last Update as of23rd August 2023

Periodic Fetch Consent Parameters
The Periodic Consent Parameters table shows only those Live FIUs templates using periodic consents under the AA framework. The table indicates the frequency of data pulls per the consent raised and the average frequency of actual data pulls per customer across all their customers.

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Sl. No.Consent Template NumberFIU License TypeType of Data PullFrequency of Data Pull as per consent requestFrequency of actual Data Pulls executed per consent artefact*Remarks
12HFCAutomated Pull1 per Month1 per MonthNone
36RIAPull triggered by User1 per Day4 per MonthNone
610Public Sector BankAutomated Pull2 per Day2 per DayNone
714RIAPull triggered by User8 per Day2 per DayThe user's balances and transactions are refreshed whenever the user comes on the App.
815RIAAutomated Pull3 per Day1 per DayNone
918RIAPull triggered by User4 per Day1 per DayData is auto-fetched if user is choosing to do so. Else it is user-fetched.
19RIAAutomated Pull1 per Day1 per DayNone
20NBFC-ICCPull triggered by User5 per Month1 per MonthNone
22NBFC-ICCAutomated Pull1 per Month1 per MonthNone
25NBFC-DPull triggered by User1 per Day1 per MonthNone
Last updated as of 23rd August 2023*average across all customers of the FIU