Sahamati Support Portal Session #9 - Update on grievances and data quality concerns

30 Jun 2023

Sahamati Team conducted Session #9 of the monthly series of Support Portal updates from AA Live-Participants.

The agenda included:
– Monthly Update of Grievances raised
– Discussion on the data quality concerns
– Re-cap of new features added to the Support Portal
– Demo of Bulk Upload of Remarks by Respondents
– Update and roadmap of Support portal enhancements

Key developments discussed included the a) launch of Saans alerts (the introduction of an additional dashboard for summary metrics, increased contribution of AAs to real-time data), b) bulk ticket uploads by the Support team, c) progress update on the TSPs portal, and b) webinar held on the FIU Consent Transparency Dashboard, initiation of survey forms.

Addressing long pending tickets on data quality, Sahamati will soon begin FIP data quality transparency, as reported on the support portal.

Post update on the status of tickets, the support team gave a demo of a new Feature on the Support Portal – Bulk remark update, which will be released in the first week of July 2023.

Learn more about grievances reported on Support Portal here