Pragati: Mutual Funds on AA

13 Jul 2023

Sahamati hosted its monthly series of Pragati webinars on Mutual Funds and SIP Data on AA. The session for a deep-dive into Mutual Fund Data on AAs witnessed more than 250 participants across financial institutions and TSPs

– Harsh Roongta shared insights on AA’s potential to democratize investment advisory and revolutionize the financial services sector.
– Ruchi Pai shed light on the latest developments in the AA ecosystem.
– Vignesh Kumaram shared multiple mutual fund, investments, and cross-sectoral use cases of the MF data and schema.
– Jagan Rao and A Krishna Prasad presented specific use cases & innovative solutions they offer as TSPs to the AA ecosystem.

To know more about the Mutual Fund data and schemas as well as a deep dive into various use cases, check out the blog here

TSP Spotlight Sessions

The TSP Spotlight Sessions are a regular feature in Pragati, where a few TSPs from the AA ecosystem elaborate on specific use cases & innovative solutions they offer. This Pragati LiteFin and MoneyOne showcased their solutions for SEBI-registered entities.

Mr. Jagan Rao, CEO, LiteFin, a personal finance management company, presented their use cases and solutions for the investment world. He highlighted that the mission of LiteFin is to handle the undifferentiated heavy lifting of understanding customers’ financial profiles & help FinTechs focus on their core expertise.

Mr. A Krishna Prasad, founder and CEO, MoneyOne, expressed the organizational aim to simplify investment processes, extend investment advisory services to underserved and unserved populations, and in the process, democratize investment opportunities for all.

To know more about the mutual fund data and the solutions presented by the TSPs in the session, check out the complete meeting recording here: