Sahamati launches Support Portal to address live-participants grievances

14 Oct 2022

Sahamati support team conducted a webinar to launch their services of Support Portal to all the live participants of AA ecosystem. The event was hosted for more than 70 organizations comprising of AAs, FIPs and FIUs. The webinar comprised of three parts:

  • Introduction to Sahamati Support Portal – by Sahamati COO, Vamsi Madhav – covering the framework of Multi-tiered approach followed in Grievance Redressal, and role of Support Portal as an automated dispute resolution system for participants
  • Demo of Support Portal – by Support Team – elaborating on the process to raise tickets, managing the tickets and working towards resolution. Respondents were also made aware of the response protocol for speedy resolution of the tickets
  • Q&A session with the audience – participants eagerly waiting for this section, poured in their questions regarding the access to portal, various contact roles, modus operandi of review of ticket by support team, dos and donts of FIP responses, among other technical questions.

The meeting was concluded with discussion regarding the need for having good SLAs in place on issue resolution that can help the community at large. Draft SLAs were shared and consultation sought for the same. Nominations have been invited for SLA Working Group and expected to set up in early November 2022.