Sahamati AA Hackathon 2020 - Projects List

04 Aug 2020

Sahamati organised the first-ever Account Aggregator Hackathon in India, starting on July 4, 2020, in partnership with Devfolio.

We have had thousands of participants from across the country come together to learn and build solutions to enable the success of this new paradigm for data governance in India.

While the winners will be publicly announced on 9th August 2020, you can now browse through all the final projects from our talented teams via their Devfolio submission pages.

To recap, the themes of the hackathon were:

  1. Consent Management UI/UX
  2. Security and Middleware
  3. FIU use cases
  4. AI/ML
Sl NoTeam NameProject NameElevator PitchUse Case
1BackpropBackpropBuild your own Credit ScoresCredit scoring
2OneStackOneStackIndia has over 90,000+ Banks Our objective is to make every Indian bank an NEO BANK using India Stack & NBFC-AA (Account Aggregator) Building for Bharat BanksNeobanking
3KudosTeamKudos - Two-Step-LoanTwo-Step-Loan is a simple hack to simplify the complete loan application process with the help of the Account Aggregator's framework.Lending
4Wise economyStrabo - Untangling personal finances for expatsDigital headquarters for managing an Indian expat’s finances leveraging the rise of open banking trends in the West & IndiaPFM
5AcceleratorsPrevent consent fraud and Portability to new AALeverage AI/ML models to prevent consent frauds related to ‘Type of data’ and ‘How much data’ asked by FIU. Also, avoid vendor lock-in by portability of account and consent to a new AAConsent Management
6Teem TuringGoalsThe piggybank for all your saving needsPFM
7BharatFedBharatFedA platform for federation of financial tools for Bharat.Privacy
8builtForBharatShulkA free and instant payment gateway for UPI using AA.Payments
9Sthana.aiKutumba by Sthana.aiUnify and risk-proof your finances for your family's future.PFM
10ParamNetworkElectronic-Proof-of-Payments (ePoP) on ⦃param⦄Instant B2B accounts reconciliation through Account Aggregator frameworkPayments
11Soul IdentitySoul Business PlatformWe help MSMEs to quickly onboard themselves to the AA ecosystem. We also provide an AI driven admin portal with meaningful dashboards that helps businesses make quick and informative decisions.Middleware
12SynapseSynapseDemocratizing financial servicesInfrastructure
13ContadorOneLedgerBook - ContadorAlways with your money!PFM
14swartzAA-To-Allहाँ से AA तक (Haan Se AA Tak)Neobanking
15KaleidoGeeksPersonalizing finance using data from AAFinancial future built smart with AAPFM
16Team FintifyVGroup from Fintify-Secure and Simple Data SharingConsent based group data sharing framework for FIU’s - enables users to share data with other users and downstream providers in line with the AA framework with nuanced security and privacy options.Data sharing
17Maks ConnectMaks PayInstant loans for MGNREGA Workers.Lending
18AurigaSimpleFinSimplefin is an ecosystem of apps, services and APIs that will create individualised experiences based on your financial history and longterm goals.PFM
19SavemoSavemoLevel up your money game.PFM
20NSDL e-GovAA Consent Management BotUser friendly consent management.Consent Management
21PayCrunchPayCrunchCatering the Financial crunch of college students.Lending
22BharatXBharatX - Buy Now, Pay LaterBuy Now, Pay Later payment option for Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities.Lending
23Navana TechAagyaConsent Management for BharatConsent Management
24The Indecent GradientsKnoxA secure, Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) based virtual data room provider for the Account Aggregator FrameworkVirtual Data Room
25MastermindSimpliFi - Your intelligent PFMA self-driving virtual personal finance manager which automates and improves our financial decisions and outcomes.PFM
26BetaBotzdAccess BotWe built a bot widget and data insight dashboard which can be integrate into any website to collect user information for loan processing and consent management.Consent Management
27BilleasyBilleasyFor Smartphone users who want to track their hard earned money, Billeasy is an automated PFM that provides actionable insights into financial habits while delivering contextual brand loyaltyPFM
28HashCashHashCashThe rewarding personal finance manager!PFM
29BruteForceEasy-TaaxApplication aimed to ease out tax proof submission process by leveraging aa framework.Tax filing
30TeamChainAimVeraLoans PlatformSmall Loans at Scale Made EasyLending
31Finarkein AnalyticsFluxVirtual Data Room with data processing and enrichment capability supported by simple Query layerVirtual Data Room
32PaisaBazaarSmartMatchSolving Uncertainty in LendingLending
33Capital FloatF-AA-ST Loan AppQuick Sanction, seamless digital experience, and happy customers!Lending
34FinnovateSENDERMENT1 Billion AA TransactionsMiddleware
35AA-dhaarDarth VDR - Virtual Data RoomDarth VDR allows computations on private data through proprietary algorithms in isolated virtual data rooms of a regulated entity without exposing the data or the algorithms to the opposite party.Virtual Data Room
36Team BuckBuckMoney is simple. Buck makes it easy.PFM
37SlothSlothSimplifying Employee Expenses & Budget ManagementExpense Management
38MewtMewtMewt all financial fussLending
39KL10 LabsMacrolytics: Data Anonymisation & Query ServiceThe framework integrates directly with AAs to power seamless access to query & user-anonymous data requests. Integrated privacy models ensure that extracted sample data is unique and not re-traceableMiddleware
40MunchMunchA money management app to enable millenials make well-informed financial choices, starting with analysis of spending habits.PFM
41NishkaivAA KonnectIntegration bundle for Banks to Onboard onto the AA Ecosystem facilitating Customer Financial AnalyticsConsent Management
42Koinearth - Twist OpenFI ChainBlockchain based data governance for Financial Information.Data security
43money360SampattiPersonal finance management application for reporting investor’s portfolios and investing with wealth advisorsPFM
44TransXTFinTransXT – Your Personal Money Management appA money management application that not only provides unique insights, trends & recommendations for your finances but also provides a platform to take actions on these recommendations within the app.PFM
45Team AnonymousiConsentConsent Journey UI Toolkit enabling Accessible and Inclusive experiences for Indian user baseConsent Management
46CodeMightiesIntraday Trading Platform for Financial ProductsDemocratize the financial ecosystem by building a direct channel between the FIs and Consumers and enable intraday trading of financial products, supported by live sharing of data through AA frameworkWealth management
Sl NoTeam NameProject NameElevator PitchUse Case