Personal Finance Management Use Case Council has finalized the Consent Template CT008, after much deliberation on different personas of the customers and various product features to cater to the personal needs of the customers.

Consent Template Information / AttributesDescription / Upperbounds
Consent Template IDCT008
Use Case CategoryPFM
Use caseSpend and investment analytics using 360 degree view of your finances
License types consideredBank, Registered Investment Advisor
Purpose Text (for customers)To generate insights into your income and expenses, networth to provide spend and investment analytics and help you manage your finances better
Purpose Text (as per ReBIT)Customer spending patterns, budget or other reportings
Purpose Code102
Purpose Code Category NamePersonal Finance
FI TypesAll FI Types
Consent TypesProfile, Summary, Transactions
Maximum Frequency45 times per month
Maximum FI Data Range10 years for SEBI FI Types
13 Months for other FI Types
Maximum Consent expiry1 year
Maximum Data Life1 Month
Last published on:17th May 2024

Please note that the parameters of the individual consent templates in the Consent Template Library represent upper bounds for the respective use cases, as decided in the relevant User Councils. The parameters in the consent templates should be treated by participant(s) as outer limit(s) and not be construed as legal advice in any manner. Participants are encouraged to review their use case(s) and ensure compliance with applicable laws, including the RBI Master Directions on NBFC-AA and the DPDP Act.

Sahamati will publish additional consent templates as the AA ecosystem evolves based on discussions in the relevant Use Case Councils and the Fair Use Committee. Existing consent templates may also be revised based on statutory and regulatory guidance, including the DPDP Act and the Rules issued thereunder.

Please read this template in conjunction with the Code of Conduct DR005. Code of Conduct on Incremental data pull will be published soon.

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