Show Me the Money!

04 Aug 2023
  1. Personal Finance Management
    Effective personal finance management enables individuals to save more and build a secure financial future. Diversifying investments across various asset classes based on their risk profile enhances potential returns and minimizes exposure to market fluctuations. This balanced approach fosters economic growth and stability, empowering individuals to achieve long-term goals.

    Eliminate Excel sheets & notebooks to track assets and bank accounts
    No more hassles of checking account balances across multiple apps
    A simple linking process with user consent
    Understand the aggregated bank balance, and search for transactions.
    Assess total net worth, including investments and bank account balances.
  2. Expense Management
    Dive deep into your monthly money-ins and money-outs Getting insights on how to save more Track your expenses across multiple categories and merchants
  3. Family Dashboard
    Indeed, finance extends beyond individuals, encompassing family-focused concepts. Achieving mutual consent in tracking family-wide personal finance management ensures everyone’s involvement and financial well-being. Monitoring the portfolio of balances and investments and benchmarking them against shared goals and ambitions strengthens financial stability and fosters a brighter future for the entire family.
  4. Insurance
    Securing the family involves having life insurance and ensuring awareness within the family about the policy details. Tracking policies allow users to be aware of benefits, premiums due and avoid policy lapses. This ability to monitor insurance performance enhances financial preparedness and provides a safety net for the family’s future.
  5. Investment
    For retail investors, understanding market dynamics can be challenging. The platform helps users track their portfolio performance, providing valuable insights and education. The aim is to raise awareness and assist in diversifying asset classes and sectors for better risk management. Additionally, to keep users informed about dividends and their significance, empowering them to make informed investment decisions and improve their financial outcomes is an objective of this use case.

Social Proofing
The platform has identified low trust in the AA user ecosystem. The platform is actively working on incorporating social proofing mechanisms to address this concern. These mechanisms will showcase positive experiences and user feedback to build confidence and credibility among potential users for creating a trustworthy and reliable ecosystem.

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