Putting Users Back in Charge: A Human-Centered Approach to AA Flow Design

31 Aug 2023

Kanika Kumar and Deepika Prasad from IDEO delve into designing user-friendly account aggregator flows in this insightful session. Their mission is to put users in control while ensuring transparency, trustworthiness, and a seamless learning journey. This blog captures the key takeaways from their presentation.

Embracing a Human-Centered Approach

Kanika Kumar and Deepika Prasad, representing IDEO, discuss their collaboration with Sahamati and the broader AA ecosystem. They aimed to infuse a more human-centered touch into the design process. The challenge lay in crafting a flow that mirrors the simplicity of UPI (Unified Payments Interface) while adhering to explicit and informed consent principles. Striking the balance between agency and transparency was the ultimate goal.

Insights from User Research

User research vividly depicted the challenges surrounding the AA (Account Aggregator) consent flow design. Users exhibited confusion regarding AA’s added benefits and grappled with trust-related signals. Revoking consent and evaluating reasonable requests posed hurdles. These insights paved the way for the Ideo design team’s core focus on transparency, trustworthiness, and nurturing a learning journey for users. The goal? A standardized AA experience akin to UPI, backed by clear value propositions and limitations.

Designing the User-Centered Flow

The process of crafting a user-centered AA flow unfolds with ingenious recommendations. An auto-discovery feature lightens the load by identifying existing AA accounts. Simplifying the registration or login process through a single AA partner reduces complexity. Highlighting the benefits of a second aggregator adds depth to the experience. The overwhelming account discovery and linking process benefits from bite-sized information and breaking down FIP categories. Often a stumbling block, authorizations become more manageable when users can track their progress. And the pinnacle of the experience? The consent moment, where simplicity and clarity reign.

Elevating Trust Through Design

Trust is elevated through innovative strategies. Positive friction is introduced to encourage thoughtful consent while transaction confirmation moments shift from clicks to swipes. A tangible data receipt becomes a user’s record of their journey. Clarity on the cancel option and the consequences of actions strengthens the experience. And when consent cancellation is on the horizon, a holistic view of related content aids in informed decisions, cementing trust.

The Role of User Behavior and Motivation

Understanding user behavior and motivations is a cornerstone of successful design. Imperfect as they may be, these designs initiate a feedback loop that fosters improvement. The challenge? Achieving explicit informed consent without overwhelming users. Deepika, Kanika, and their team’s efforts are hailed for their impact. Collaboration and engagement emerge as invaluable allies in the design journey, ensuring users truly regain control.

In the quest to put users back in charge, Ideo’s Kanika Kumar and Deepika Prasad have illuminated a path paved with transparency, trustworthiness and an unwavering commitment to human-centered design. As the world of AA flow design continues to evolve, their insights are poised to shape an ecosystem where users truly hold the reins.