Sahamati-IDEO Design Workshop finale webinar

27 Apr 2023

Sahamati in association with IDEO, a global design firm, conducted 6 -week Design Review Workshop on “Building a citizen- friendly consent flow for Account Aggregators”

The goal of the workshop was to identify designs that can empower citizens with an AA data consent flow that gives them agency, while feeling intuitive. After initial inputs from the workshop members, the design was presented to AA ecosystem in March. In continuation to the Design Review Workshop webinar conducted by Sahamati and IDEO in March, the team presented the Final Share of the Design on 27th April 2023.

The Design was build by the core team from IDEO and Sahamati, and reviewed by Design Review Board consisting of members from AA Community.

IDEO team very eloquently presented the key moments in the AA customer journey that may cause friction or overwhelm the customers. They presented Key Design principles that can help AA participants in building their our design prototype based on the recommended templates shared during the session.

Detailed report about the workshop, goal, design approach and final output of Design is available here.

The Final Design Template and Prototype is being made available to all in our Github here.