Sahamati Deep-dive Sessions on Account Aggregator framework in Bharat Inclusion Sprint

14 Sep 2022

Bharat Inclusion Sprint is a session by IndiaStack experts organized by CIIE.CO where new emerging tech stacks conduct deep-dive sprint and awareness sessions. In a series of sprints, Mr. B.G. Mahesh. CEO , Sahamati conducted a session in Mumbai on Account Aggregator on 23rd August 2022 followed by a similar session conducted in Delhi on 14th September 2022 by Ms. Shalini Gupta, Head of Strategy. In October 2022, Mr. B.G. Mahesh, conducted a similar session in Hyderabad.

The sessions were attended by teams of more than 100 fintech and technology start-ups and high growth entities keen to understand the potential use cases of the emerging tech stacks such as Account Aggregator in their respective businesses. Sahamati will continue to participate in these sprints organized by  Bharat Financial Inclusion Fund across the country over the next few months.