Sahamati Support Portal Session #8 - Launch of Support Portal 2.0

17 May 2023

Sahamati Support team launched it new portal Support Portal v2.0 on 17th May 2023. The event was attended by SPOCs of Live entities of all three cohorts – FIP, FIU and AA.

The Portal is accessible to Live Participants of Account Aggregator Framework at:

Sahamati Support Portal 2.0 in its new avatar, caters to requirements of the Respondents in better managing and responding to the tickets:

  • Extended Portal for Respondents
  • Respondents (FIPs/AAs) can view, assign ticket to colleagues, respond/resolve tickets
  • Requesters (FIUs/AAs) can create, assign ticket to colleagues, close the tickets
  • Remarks can be updated directly on the portal – without dependencies on Sahamati
  • Consolidated dashboard of all tickets raised within an organisation for FIUs
  • Consolidated dashboard of all tickets raised on an FIP
  • Export Option – in various formats – xls, pdf, html etc

Launch of Support Portal v2.1 was announced to be released in mid-June 2023. This version, is expected to enable TSPs to raise and respond to tickets on behalf of their clients.

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