Ecosystem Readiness for NBFC-AA 2.0 Implementation Webinar

23 Feb 2024

The Ecosystem Readiness for NBFC-AA 2.0 Implementation Webinar held on 16th February 2024 provided a comprehensive overview of the upcoming changes and enhancements in the AA ecosystem, focusing on the implementation of NBFC-AA Specs 2.0.0. The webinar delved into various crucial aspects of the readiness assessment for the new specifications. It highlighted the necessary steps for ecosystem participants– AAs, FIPs, and FIUs, to ensure a smooth transition to the updated standards.

One significant update discussed during the webinar was the modifications made to the Sahamati Central Registry (CR) to align with the NBFC-AA Specs 2.0.0. These changes are essential to guarantee seamless support for the new specifications and maintain operational efficiency within the ecosystem. Additionally, the release of the CR FETCH API 2.0 and the upcoming CR FETCH API 3.0 transition from GET to POST methods were detailed, emphasizing the importance of adapting to these changes promptly.

Moreover, the webinar introduced the release of CR Self-Service Systems, including the CR Onboard API, to streamline processes and enhance user experience. Attendees were also informed about the Meta utility API and SAANS: FIP Health API releases, showcasing the continuous innovation and development within the Sahamati framework. For further details and technical documentation, interested parties can refer to the Sahamati GitHub repository for in-depth information and resources.

Sahamati GitHub Repository: [

Please find the session presentation here.