As part of our commitment to enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of the Account Aggregator (AA) network, we are delighted to announce the formation of a committee dedicated to addressing the procedural burdens of onboarding the AA Network. This committee will play a crucial role in addressing the challenges faced by Financial Information Users (FIUs) and Financial Information Providers (FIPs), paving the way for a more seamless and efficient experience. This committee will ultimately usher in interoperability and strengthen user choice for the consumers.

The committee’s primary objective is to develop a comprehensive procedural checklist for AA Network Onboarding, aiming to address operational challenges faced by FIUs and FIPs while mitigating executive concerns due to increased network traffic. Their goals include transitioning to a more efficient “network trust” model, enhancing transaction and consent experiences, promoting uniform user interfaces, streamlining AA identification, reducing data traffic, optimizing maintenance costs, standardizing processes, minimizing bandwidth consumption, implementing risk mitigation, simplifying IP whitelisting, and ensuring API health aligns with SLAs for participating entities.

The committee constituted for this endeavor is –

S. No Organization Representative
1 CRIF AA Kshitij Talwar
2 Protean AA Bertram D’souza
3 TallyEdge Rathna Raj Talacauvery
4 PhonePe Vidhi Jain
5 Saafe Vijayan Rajasekar
6 Agya Vinay Kesari
7 State Bank of India (SBI) Mukesh Kumar
8 Axis Bank Kulranjan Johal
9 Union Bank of India Raghavendra AR
10 HDFC Bank Sanket Pradhan
11 ICICI Bank Pallav Kapoor
12 IDFC First Bank Chandra Sekhar Satpathy
13 Kotak Mahindra Bank Sanjay Seshamani
14 CAMS RTA Abhishek Mishra
15 Bank of Baroda Mukund Khadgi
16 NSDL Prashant Vagal

Click here for the complete terms of reference for the committee on Interoperability.

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