Account Aggregator Hackathon Tech FAQ

03 Jul 2020

This FAQ is for the teams participating in our Account Aggregator hackathon. 

AA Sandboxes For AA Hackathon

Please register on the signup page of each of these AA sandboxes. Each AA will contact you. For support please contact each of the Account Aggregators directly. If you have trouble contacting any of them, let us know.

Account Aggregator
Sandbox URLSupport Contact Info
Yodlee Finsoft
All sandboxes are available 24x7! What are you waiting for? Hack on!
Are there any discussion forums for us to ask questions, hold discussions?

Forums for discussion will be on the official Slack and Telegram channels.

Is there any usage limit on sandbox per team member? Any usage key would be provided?

Onemoney: There is no usage limit. API keys will be provided through our developer portal.
Finvu: There is no usage limit on the sandbox and key would be provided 
Perfios: There is no usage limit

What are the preferred programming languages?

There is no preference on the programming languages as the ecosystem is API driven, it’s your choice, however, reach out to specific AA sandbox providers for any restrictions. 
Onemoney: There are no restrictions from Onemoney as to what your programming languages can be. Examples on our portals are in node.js.
Finvu: There are no restrictions from Finvu on the programming language. Some of our sample code has been illustrated in Java. All APIs are REST based. 
Perfios: The APIs are RESTFull APIs. Use any language, we will support you.

Is there a recommended SDK?

Onemoney: We provide details of SDKs once you log in into the developer portal.

What are the different types of purpose codes?

Category CodeCategory NameDescriptionPurpose
1Personal FinanceWealth management service101
1Personal FinanceCustomer spending patterns, budget or other reportings102
2Financial ReportingAggregated statement103
3Account Query and MonitoringExplicit consent for monitoring of the accounts104
3Account Query and MonitoringExplicit one-time consent for the accounts105

Where can I get the details of the schemas?

See or the schemas are available at the ReBIT site

Can we use alternative data like equities etc? How do we go about adding this data into the sandbox?

All 23 schemas will not be available for the hackathon teams. The following will be available,
– Deposit schema
– Recurring Deposit
– Term Deposit
– Mutual Fund
– Equity

Should our FIU app connect with just one AA Sandbox or multiple sandboxes?

We encourage you to get your app to work with multiple AAs.

We would like to focus on the FIU use case and not worry about developing the FIU module. However, a team is welcome to develop a FIP or FIU module or AA.

A few AAs are also providing access to an FIU module so teams can focus on building their specific FIU use case and minimise time spent on data connectivity. These include Finvu, OneMoney, Perfios and Yodlee.

Which schema has the details of bank statements?

The Deposit schema has the details of the bank statements. The schemas are on

What about any API keys, tokens etc. 

This would be available through direct interaction with the AA sandbox providers.

Where can I get sample data? 

Refer to the AA sandbox providers who are also providing ability to add data.

Do all AAs have the same AA APIs? Will there be a difference from one AA to another.

All AAs have the same set of API and no difference is anticipated as they need to meet the standards published by ReBIT.

If I add savings account information where there are joint account holders, do I need consent from both for sharing information.

Currently, the ecosystem does not support consent for joint account holders

Are liabilities (loan information) available?

No. Loan information, liabilities are not covered in the AA ecosystem. Refer to this FAQ on the supported schemas.

I have registered with one AA and have a VUA as myname@aa1, can I use this with another AA to share information.

No, you can only share information using your VUA via that AA.

Can I port consents from one AA to another?

No, consent porting is not supported in the ecosystem.

Can a customer give consent for multiple accounts? If so, can I request data only from one account?

Data will be fetched based on the accounts linked to the Consent. If multiple accounts are attached to the consent, data from all of them will be pulled. It is not possible to selectively enable data pull for a subset of accounts linked to a consent.

Can I call an API to raise a consent request for particular bank(s), account type e.g. CURRENT only?

Currently, the consent request does not allow the FIU to request for consent for a particular bank or account type. Consent can be raised for a particular FIType, not for a particular account type.

How do you simulate OTP / Email Notifications?

OTPs will be sent to the phone numbers used to register with the respective AAs. Some AAs allow for generic OTPs in their sandbox environment. Reach out to the AAs and refer to the individual AA sandboxes for further information. 

Where can I find documentation on error handling/error codes?

Refer to this link for the error codes and associated tabs have details on the codes.  e.g. If building an FIU you can refer to the AA error codes tab for the response codes.