Guideline No. DR003
Purpose To clarify the meanings and behaviours associated with session Status and FI Status values
Description The meanings and behaviours of these two attributes – Session Status, FI Status – are as per the community guidelines documented here:

Stage Finalised
Guideline No. DR005
Purpose To clarify if FIUs can repeat presenting a specific data request to depositories or RTAs, within a given calendar day, if the data against such a specific data request has already been received successfully.
Description As per the ReBIT data schema for the FI Types made available by depositories and RTAs, such FIPs can only provide data (profile, summary, transactions) as of the previous day’s closing. The data provided in each request will remain identical until the next day’s closing, irrespective of the number of times a specific data request is submitted to these FIPs in the interim.

For instance, where the data request for the same consent ID and the same FI Data Range is sent multiple times in a calendar day, all data fetches made during the calendar day (for the same consent ID but without the optional attribute of the link reference number), will yield the same information. 

In light of this, it is recommended that only one data request be made once in a calendar day for a given Consent Artefact and a given FI Data Range, provided data is successfully received against that request.

Stage Finalised
Published Date 21/02/2024

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