ReBIT defines purpose codes as codes defined to help the regulators to standardize the use of financial information by the Financial Information User (FIU) for providing the value-added service to the customer. They help to easily identify why the financial information is being accessed. The purpose codes offer:

  1. Enhanced quality of the FI data access for performing the aggregation service,
  2. Ensure better control of the relevant flows,
  3. Summarizing requesting and processing of Financial information, and
  4. Instituting a purpose code for standardizing a way to legalize the usages of the aggregation service.

Find the table below that maps the category code, category name, description, & purpose for the FIU data access and use.

Category CodeCategory NameDescriptionPurpose
1Personal FinanceWealth management service101
1Personal FinanceCustomer spending patterns, budget or other reportings102
2Financial ReportingAggregated statement103
3Account Query and MonitoringExplicit consent for monitoring of the accounts104
3Account Query and MonitoringExplicit one-time consent for the accounts105

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