Account Aggregator Ecosystem Go-Live Event Media Coverage

20 Mar 2022

A list of articles published in various media which covered the topic of Account Aggregators of listed here.

  1. To enhance LendingKart’s digital lending experience, we integrated with Account Aggregator. We have clearly seen an improvement of 4-5% in conversion of AA enabled applications: Manish Bhatia, President, LendingKart
  2. The future of financial services in post-AA India will be absolutely something awe-inspiring – Nikhil Kurhe, Co-Founder Finarkein
  3. Account Aggregator ecosystem sees steady increase in accounts linked – Surabhi, BuisnessLine
  4. Account Aggregator will be the next big lever of growth for wealth management firms – Zee Business
  5. PhonePe, NITI Aayog announce FinTech Open Hackathon winners – Business Standard
  6. T R Alamelu, member of insurance regulator IRDAI, encouraged insurers to use the RBI’s account-aggregator platform – Times of India
  7. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to banks: Join account aggregator network
  8. वित्त मंत्री ने सभी बैंकों से एकाउंट एग्रीगेटर फ्रेमवर्क से जुड़ने का आह्वान किया और कहा कि इससे ऋण के प्रवाह में सुधार होगा और डिजिटल ऋण को बढ़ावा मिलेगा
  9. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman exhorts all banks to sign up to Account Aggregator Framework
  10. September 2, 2021: Account Aggregator Ecosystem Go-Live Event Media Coverage
  11. I am ecstatic about the account aggregator framework: Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath at FinTech Month at Niti Aayog – YourStory
  12. Surge in Lending Scams: How Account Aggregator framework will help mitigate the ecosystem – FinancialExpres
  13. NITI Aayog’s Fintech Open: Leverage new models like Account Aggregator to unleash the next wave of fintech innovation
  14. The British are curious as to how we designed our own technology standards to underpin Open Banking, and actually got the biggest banks to embrace and implement the Account Aggregator (AA) data sharing capabilities – Sharad Sharma, Mohandas Pai, Financial Express
  15. Budget 2022: Govt, RBI must ensure timely implementation of account aggregator framework by banks, says Ficci – Times of India
  16. The Finance Minister can accelerate its financial inclusion and digitisation agendas by supporting the Account Aggregator and OCEN initiatives – Aditya Damani, ET
  17. Simplifying the account aggregator framework for everyone who has lost count of their bank accounts – Sumit Gwalini, Co-founder, Fi
  18. Account aggregators link up around 83,000 bank accounts in 4 months – ETBFSI
  19. Account Aggregators link up 80,000 bank accounts, but SBI is yet to go live – Priyanka Iyer, Moneycontrol
  20. The Account Aggregator network can be a new feather in the cap that would help India formalize credit and boost economic growth in the post-covid era: Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog
  21. The home loan market is set to undergo a sea change because of digitization – Account Aggregator, OCEN writes Arvind Hali, MD & CEO, Motilal Oswal HF – Hindu
  22. Account Aggregators Await A UPI-Like Moment – Shivam Vahia, BloombergQuint
  23. MeitY working on cabinet note for proposed Data Protection Bill – Surabhi Agarwal, ET Prime
  24. Juspay’s team working on ecosystem efforts is looking to provide account aggregator API for Loan Service Providers (LSPs) to capture the borrower’s data securely – Payal Ganguly, Yourstory
  25. New age lending practices can support Indian MSMEs to shift into formal sector – Arun Nayyar, CEO, NeoGrowth
  26. AA has come as a boon to individuals and small businesses alike as it is expected to address the credit gap in India – Sheersh Kapoor, ET BFSI
  27. Looking to leverage data and content as an aggregator: PB Fintech Chairman Yashish Dahiya – CNBC TV18
  28. Micro & small companies, currently paying extortionate rates in the informal lending markets, will now get loans through the Account Aggregator initiative: Minhaz Merchant, Business World
  29. With the arrival of the Account Aggregator ecosystem, the borrower assessment has not only become faster but it’s also become more reliable – CNBC TV18
  30. New initiatives from the government like the Account Aggregator license will improve the likelihood of any one in India to get a loan – CNBC TV18
  31. How Account Aggregator Can Help First-Time Borrowers With No Credit Score Can Get A Loan – Amit Das, Outlook India
  32. Open banking puts banks on notice: Digitize or perish – Deep Mukherjee, Mint
  33. The Account Aggregator framework can be SME’s UPI. Or is it too early to give credit? – ET Prime
  34. Unlike the old model where a few large companies got credit, with Account Aggregator model, every small kirana store, dispensary, and manufacturing company will get credit: Nandan Nilekani – YourStory
  35. Data protection bill: Parliamentary panel adopts draft report – EconomicTimes
  36. In the account aggregator framework, Eureka AI wants to enable accurate lending decisions for BFSI clients – Economic Times
  37. NSDL e-Governance gets RBI’s in-principle approval as Account Aggregator – EconomicTimes
  38. Will AAs revolutionise India’s financial services? – Asia Business Law Journal
  39. ICICI Lombard becomes first non-life insurance player to join Sahamati Account Aggregator Alliance
  40. सहमति अकाउंट एग्रीगेटर अलायंस में ICICI लोम्बार्ड, उपभोक्ताओं की बीमा-खरीद प्रक्रिया होगी सरल
  41. How account aggregators can bring an era of democratised credit – Abhishek Sinha, Economic Times
  42. The account aggregator program is an example of the transformative changes underway on the Policy front – Sucheta Mahapatra, Times of India
  43. Account Aggregators can end dodgy loan apps menace – Mayur Shetty, Times of India
  44. Max Life becomes first life insurer to adopt Account Aggregator system
  45. Aujas launches Cloud Version of “Saksham” to help financial organizations get onboarded to Account Aggregator ecosystem swiftly
  46. Dispute Resolution In The Account Aggregator Ecosystem, Anchored By ‘Sahamati’ – Pramod Rao, BloombergQuint
  47. Account Aggregator & OCEN enable formal credit flow to the most vulnerable segments, particularly small biz, by lowering distribution costs & now institutions can give smaller loans“, Union Minister of Commerce & Industry, Piyush Goyal – Inc42
  48. Account Aggregator system can expand credit distribution, says RS Sharma, CEO National Health Authority
  49. Collateral-free lending and account aggregators in India – Niranjan Rajadhyaksha, Mint
  50. Should you worry about data security while sharing financial information via account aggregators? – Lisa Barbora, Moneycontrol
  51. How AA framework empowers consumers – Surabhi, Hindu Businessline
  52. Account Aggregator framework takes off: Over 10,000 accounts linked; 14,000 consent requests served – Priyanka Iyer, Moneycontrol
  53. Explained: UPI Moment For Lending? Account Aggregator Ecosystem To Go Live Today – Priyanka Iyer, Moneycontrol
  54. Thousands sign up to share fin info as AA platform goes live – Leslie D’Monte, Mint
  55. To manage and improve this architecture, a Collective of Account Aggregator ecosystem has been set up as a non-government, private limited company, known as Sahamati – Vikas Kathuria, ORF
  56. Very simply put, the #AccountAggregator is like Dunzo, except it deals with data. It picks up data for you and delivers it to a chosen destination – YourStory
  57. US could import an idea from India, where several major banks have started experimenting with “account aggregators” – Bhaskar Chakravorti, Wired
  58. Account aggregation is poised to become the next big tool in unlocking value from financial data – Shilpa Mankar Ahluwalia, Outlook Money
  59. Account Aggregators Are Here. Almost – Vishwanath Nair, BloombergQuint
  60. HDFC, ICICI Among Banks Going Live On Account Aggregator Framework By July 2021 – Romita Majumdar, Inc42
  61. AA framework offers UPI-style revolution in MSME financing – Akshatha M, Economic Times
  62. Here’s how account aggregators share financial data of customers with banks – Hiral Thanawala, MoneyControl
  63. Apart from personal data, the Personal Data Protection (PDP) Bill will also include non-personal data with sub-heads about sensitive data and critical data – Gyan Varma, Mint
  64. France and India can work together on Account Aggregator model: Nandan Nilekani – Tarush Bhalla, Mint
  65. Senderment builds a data collection application in the public domain using the Account Aggregator (AA) framework – Rishabh Mansur, YourStory
  66. Axis Bank goes Live on Account Aggregator framework
  67. IndusInd Bank first bank to go live on RBI’s Account Aggregator framework – Official Press ReleaseETLivemintIBSintelligenceHindiKannadaMalayalamTamilTelugu
  68. An oce(a)n of opportunity: anatomy of a lending protocol to lift the bottom of the pyramid – ET Prime
  69. Can Visa replicate Plaid (a Visa company) by participating in the Account Aggregator ecosystem? – Arundhati Ramanathan, The Ken
  70. NITI Aayog’s New ‘India Model’ For Personal Data Sharing Explained – Sushovan Sircar, The Quint
  71. Summary: Data Empowerment and Protection Architecture (DEPA) – Aditi Agrawal, Medianama
  72. The future of digital lending – OCEN and Account Aggregators – Akshay Sarma, Mint
  73. There are 2 very exciting things with digital lending: Account Aggregator & OCEN: Rajan Anandan, Sequoia India – Economic Times
  74. Explained: How OCEN is trying to keep credit disbursement challenges at bay – Sai Ishwar, Business Standard
  75. OCEN Protocol: ‘Loan Service Providers’ will use the Account Aggregator Framework to democratize access to credit, and lowering interest rates for customers – Mint
  76. Mumbai Fintech Hub And Sahamati Conclude Their Uday Case Study Competition For Account Aggregator Innovation – Inc42
  77. Sahamati’s Four-Week Hackathon Aims To Promote Account Aggregator – Harshit Rakheja, Inc42
  78. AA Hackathon Preparation — Open Banking case studies from the EU/UK – Rahul Sanghi
  79. The Foundation for the Fintech Decade: Account Aggregators and Open Banking – Lars Markull, Aaryman Vir
  80. The benefits of the Account Aggregator system are clear. Small lenders to get loans based on their transaction histories and their income. They now pay as much as 4% for a one-day loan which could reduce to 15% per annum – The Economist
  81. Account Aggregator: The Final Piece Of The India Stack Puzzle – Suprita Anupam, Inc42
  82. Account aggregators gear up to launch their platforms – Hariprasad Radhakrishnan, Financial Express
  83. Banks are adopting Account Aggregator framework on data – Megha Mandavia, Economic Times
  84. Startups, Banks Embrace RBI Account Aggregator To Boost Financial Inclusion – Suprita Anupam, Inc42
  85. AA provides the scaffolding to enable data wealth to translate to economic wealth by enabling people to leverage their own data: Shripati Acharya, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Prime Venture Partners
  86. India’s Account Aggregator focuses on empowering individuals with their data by enabling them to digitally consent and share their financial data with a potential loan provider – Sushant Kumar, Mint
  87. Economic Survey of India 2019-20 proposes formation of Public Sector Banking Network (PSBN) to detect banking frauds, AA to be a participant: MedianamaEconomic Times
  88. With Account Aggregators, even if entrepreneurs/MSMEs have zero credit history, they can seek funding based on their cash flow: RangDe CEO Ram – EconomicTimes
  89. Evolution of Data Protection Bill – India Law Business Journal
  90. Account Aggregator, the next big innovation in the Fintech Space – Finshots
  91. India’s about to hand people data Americans can only dream of – Saritha Rai, Economic TimesBloomberg
  92. RBI’s Account Aggregator Will Bolster Indian Fintech: Rajan Anandan, Sequoia India Head – Kritti Bhalla, Inc42
  93. When Account Aggregators (AA) get operationalised, lenders will have access to borrowers’ transactions at a single point. These new architectures would facilitate cash flow-based lending: SBI Chairman Rajnish Kumar – Shritama Bose, Financial Express
  94. How India Plans to Protect Consumer Data: Harvard Business Review
  95. Rapid adoption of account aggregators can make India leader in digital economy: Nandan Nilekani
  96. The Personal Data Protection Bill proposes that all “critical” information related to individuals will be stored and processed only in India – Economic Times
  97. Data Protection Bill gets Cabinet nod – Livemint
  98. We want to move data to empower consumers, instead of selling it to them: Vivek Raghavan of UIDAI – Debolina Biswas, YourStory
  99. India’s Account Aggregation Framework – Q&A for Beginners
  100. The roll-out of Aadhaar, the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), & Account Aggregators are the 3 technology-based solutions that has benefitted India the most in recent times: Nandan Nilekani – Shreya Nandi, LiveMint
  101. Soon access, share all your data from a one-stop store – Neil Borate, LiveMint
  102. How financial data aggregator Sahamati can help individuals – Sanket Dhanorkar, Economic Times
  103. Account Aggregators To Seek Customer Consent Before Sharing Data With Financial Services Firms – Vishwanath Nair, BloombergQuint
  104. Data is already currency, now you may be able to use own data – Monika Halan, LiveMint
  105. Understanding Account Aggregator which can be as big as UPI – Aaryaman Vir