Governance for Data Empowerment

22 Aug 2023

Sahamati and the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy co-hosted the Governance for Data Empowerment event to deliberate on themes relevant to the governance of the AA ecosystem in India. The event was divided into two parts– guest speakers elaborating on the crucial elements of DPI governance and a roundtable discussion among the attendees. Guest speakers included luminaries like Nandan Nilekani, Dr. Pramod Varma, Rahul Matthan, and R. Gandhi, who provided invaluable insights. Dr Arghya Sengupta and Manjushree RM of the Vidhi Centre deep-dived into their ‘Nurturing a User-Driven Governance Entity (N.U.D.G.E.) for the Account Aggregator Ecosystem’ report.

The roundtable discussion was the pinnacle of the event, centering on the pressing need to nurture a user-driven governance entity for the AA ecosystem, aligning closely with the insights presented in the Vidhi report. As we stand on the threshold of an era dominated by digital public infrastructures, the importance of effective governance cannot be overstated. These deliberations will serve as the guiding compass to lead the ecosystem towards a future characterized by responsible, user-centric, and secure digital public infrastructures.

Check out the table below with links to short blogs about the sessions delivered by the respective speakers during the event:

Session Speaker YouTube Video
Welcome Note Siddharth Shetty, Architect and Co-author of Data Empowerment and Protection Architecture (DEPA) and Co-founder, Sahamati
Keynote Speech: Governance in Digital Public Infrastructure (DPIs) Nandan Nilekani, Chairman and Co-founder, Infosys and Founding Chairman UIDAI (Aadhaar)
Digital Personal Data Protection Act: Implications for the Account Aggregator Framework Rahul Matthan, Partner, Trilegal
a. Keynote: Setting the Context on the need for a governance model for Account Aggregators;
b. Emerging governance models for Indian and global DPIs: Summary of the Vidhi’s Report Findings
a. Dr. Arghya Sengupta, Founder (Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy)

b. Manjushree RM Senior Resident Fellow (Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy)



Building Network Trust for Effective Governance of Tech Protocols Pramod Varma, Former Chief Architect Aadhaar & India Stack & CTO, EkStep Foundation
Role of Company Structure in Governance Shri R Gandhi, former Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
Round Table Discussion: Participatory Governance for the AA Ecosystem AA Ecosystem Participants and other attendees