Sahamati makes a representation to Policy Makers based on feedback received from lenders on the GSTN SRS that has been approved by DoR

Sahamati has been supporting the GSTN on their functional and technical implementation scope to join AA as a FIP. GSTN has put together a SRS (Software Requirement Specification) document based on the approval received from DoR on data scope, data period and process of sharing data through AA. Sahamati formed a working group of lenders to together evaluate if the proposed SRS meets the industry requirements in terms of ease of process which included taking a buyer’s consent for a MSME to be able to share data, historical data for which period will be shared and the types of returns that are to be shared through AA. Lenders arrived at a list of additional requirements which were captured in a written proposal and shared with DFS. DFS has agreed to take up the recommendations to DoR and ensure that the GSTN implementation on AA is in line with the industry’s requirements and expectations