Guideline No. AI001
Purpose To clarify implementation best practices regarding technical aspects of the API specification
Description Implementation best practices are as defined in these community guidelines:

Stage Finalised
Guideline No. AI003
Purpose To clarify the version of the API specifications that the ecosystem is “live” on
Description The version of the open API specifications (across FIP, FIU, AA APIs) that all entities are live on (as of August 2022) is V 1.1.2.

While V 1.1.3 has been published by ReBIT, there are no API governance guidelines published and/or implemented by participants, that would ensure backward and forward compatibility amongst entities operating on two different versions.

Hence, no entity is live on V 1.1.3.

As newer versions get released, a discussion on API Governance principles and implementations needs to happen to ensure a smooth migration to newer versions takes place.

Stage Finalised

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