At DigiSahamati Foundation (Sahamati) we believe that by creating an environment for our employees to personally and professionally thrive, we will have a maximum impact on our missions to achieve our vision.

Sahamati is a not-for-profit company incorporated under Section 8 of the Companies Act. Sahamati is an industry alliance to promote the Account Aggregator Ecosystem. 

Data is a key part of the way our economy works. Data sharing is not new. But data sharing with the user’s consent is new. Various business/enterprises collect data under various pretexts. There is little or no accountability in the use of the data.

Account Aggregators are intermediaries whose objective is to manage the Consents of the users and act as data access fiduciaries. Sahamati is on a mission to transform people’s data wealth into economic wealth, a first of its kind in the world.

The Account Aggregator is data agnostic. Sahamati will initially focus on the financial services world but intends to then work in other sectors including healthcare and education.

Please visit for more details about our vision and mission.

Location: Bengaluru

Role and Deliverables:

  1. Create and maintain a database of the AA ecosystem players
  2. Create and maintain relationships with new additions to Sahamati; orientation for new members 
  3. Conduct general workshops to spread awareness about Account Aggregators & Sahamati
  4. Design & conduct specialised workshops for Lawyers, Technology Service Providers, Developers 
  5. Gain industry recognition and credibility as a regular keynote speaker, panellist and guest at technology/startup conferences, trade shows and press events 
  6. Delivering compelling presentations to drive adoption of Account Aggregators by FIU/FIPs
  7. Write technical content like blogs and third party articles that guide new participants to become successful
  8. Produce original and thought-provoking content about the AA ecosystem that illuminates AAs role in driving financial inclusion (currently) and healthcare (in the future)
  9. Maintain a strong and credible presence in social media channels relevant to entrepreneurs, developers


  1. 3+ years of experience working in and advising technology companies
  2. Superior oral and written communication skills
  3. The ability to work cooperatively with, and gain the respect of entrepreneurs, stakeholders of AA ecosystem is a must
  4. A willingness to travel and the ability to work autonomously
  5. Pre-established credibility and recognition in speaking engagements will be handy

Extensive industry contacts in the broader startup ecosystem would be of desirable.

Please write/share your resume with careers at if you are working in a frontier area with an interest to evangelize the next big wave!

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