Guideline No. SL001
Purpose To clarify if there are service level objectives defined for AA participants
Description Service level objectives covering the following aspects have been drafted by the AA community and are being discussed: 

  • API health – uptime, response time, error rates
  • Grievance redressal – first response time, resolution time
  • Interoperability support – multi-AA integration

As of now, these are still at draft stage.

Stage Under deliberation
Guideline No. SL002
Purpose To clarify if FIU-AA commercial agreements include a reference to AA SLAs and penalties
Description AA SLAs are based on FIPs committing SLAs to AAs. 

Since FIP SLAs are still at draft stage and being discussed within the community, FIU-AA agreements currently may not include any reference to AA SLAs and/or penalties.

Stage Under deliberation

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